Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Luciana-One More River (1994)


No late April Fool's Day prank being played this time! As some of you may recall, I tried to pull a fast one past you back in 2012 by relaying that iconic "Golden Girls" phenom Betty White was releasing her debut album on a fake record label during my presentation of her charity single "I'm Still Hot" in which she collaborated with English pop singer Luciana Caporaso. So tonight, no deceptions or tricks up my sleeve; just pure good tunes as you'll hear all throughout Luciana's debut solo album, "One More River". This is another gem-turned-rarity from the 'L' entries in my music collection that I could NOT pass up sharing, especially once I realized that my favorite track from it had been part of a music mix I created eons ago: "Get It Up For Love". This monster of a dance jam reminds me yet again why I miss pop music from 90's so much! Just your classic celebratory love song put to the deep bass of an infectiously pleasing house rhythm and that signature 90's-style ringing synthesized keyboard accompaniment (the brainchild of house music producer D-Mob) with Luciana's jubilant vocals parading all around! The album's abbreviated three-and-a-half minutes isn't nearly long enough to enjoy all the fruits of this delectable dance goodie, so I've served up a couple of club remixes as a special bonus treat. "Get It Up For Love" would've been an excellent way to kick off this album—either that, or the equally thrilling and cheerful dance thriller "Hold On", which keeps the love themes on the positive and uplifting side. But the way Luciana's debut does start off isn't bad at all: "If You Want", where the British singer promises to rock a guy's world if he lets her. It's got an enticing r&b vibe about it that pulls you right into the song and doesn't let go for the whole ride through. Things get a little funky on the breezy tune "Colourblind", but the real funk party gets stirred up on "I Prefer You", which represents one of Luciana's strongest vocal performances, and the explosively lively jam "Sister Sister", which is a song of motivation and empowerment for all the ladies out there (that blaring jazz accompaniment of the horns is sublime!). "What Goes Around" (insert 'comes around') is all about that often-heard case of karma coming back to bite you—hand-delivered energetic dance/pop style by Luciana herself—while the follow-up tune, "If You're Gonna Love Somebody" (insert 'then love me'), is as romantically simple as it is sweet. Hidden in plain sight among all of the club cuts and and the other upbeat goodies is possibly this album's shining moment: the title track itself. As far as inspirational ballads go, "One More River" is a fine one, getting extra props from me because of its suspenseful melody, the soulful backup vocalists and how the trumpets jazz it up so nicely:

1. If You Want
2. 2 Be Free
3. Colourblind
4. What Goes Around
5. If You're Gonna Love Somebody
6. I Prefer You
7. One More River
8. Sister Sister
9. Get It Up For Love
10. Hold On

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

11. Get It Up For Love (Monster Club Mix)
12. Get It Up For Love (Riff & Hum Club Mix)

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