Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Oryon-Bounce (2008)


Feeling sluggish today? Then this next goodie of mine will put some extra 'bounce' back into your step! Meet versatile dance/pop singer who calls himself Oryon (and that's pronounced exactly like the constellation 'Orion' you learned about in astronomy class). I myself am still getting acquainted with him, but I'd say we're sure hittin' if off well so far, having listened to the thrill ride that is his 2008 album, "Bounce". It's that opening title track that gets the juices flowing—in more ways than one, I'd imagine—with its bomb of an electro-pop beat and the sexy lyrics to boot. And it's here where you'll also find instant appeal for Oryon's suave soulful voice. If the music seems a bit too short for ya, then that's because it is&mdsash;over and done with just shy of the three-minute mark. So yours truly, as he often does so kindly, has included a remix single so you can have even more bombastic beats to bounce to. As you bounce along forward through the album, you will quickly begin to see why I tagged Oryon as being 'versatile' at the beginning of this post. "Don't Want It To Be Over" is the first of many where both the music and the lyrics shift from the partying-in-the-club atmosphere to a more laid-back sound that's suitable for the general mainstream, adult contemporary/soft rock audience. Earnest and true are his feelings poured out on that one, plus the follow-up ballad, "I Will", which served as my latest 'Music Surprise Of The Day' when I discovered that this same song was featured in an episode of the teen drama TV series I used to watch faithfully, "The O.C.". Even nicer listening to Oryon sing on "Until Forever's Gone", the touching "If Only I Could See" and one of his strongest vocal moments, "So Close" (I like the bit of irony of the lyrics to this one, particularly the 'so close, yet so far away' line). But those of you who are looking to drive on the wild side, you get to bounce back to the club on the HI-NRG feel-gooder "Rock Star" which, ironically, is super-charged techno with a lively tribal drum beat with no signs of the rock element whatsoever. Then after you have 'partied like a rock star', as the primary catch-on lyrics to that one goes, you can let loose some more with the middle-tempo dance-pop cut "It's Good To Be Bad" (sometimes, anyways, like when it comes to love), take it all off if you wanna on Track #11's "Naked" (think the title pretty much says it all here; love the thumping techno) and get a little frisky if you wanna on "All I Want (Is Sex)" (no commitment, no love—think that title pretty much says it all, too). Perhaps it's not the nicest of ways to conclude an album thematically—"To Hell With You"—but this mid-tempo piece, whose lyrics are as honest and true as you can get when the one you're with doesn't like you and want to be with you, actually sounds very nice on the ears, thanks to the cooled, calmed and collected delivery in which Oryon performs it:

1. Bounce
2. Don't Want It To Be Over
3. I Will
4. Rock Star
5. Until Forever's Gone
6. Fallen
7. It's Good To Be Bad [Intro]
8. It's Good To Be Bad
9. If Only I Could See
10. So Close
11. Naked
12. All I Want (Is Sex)
13. To Hell With You [Prelude]
14. To Hell With You

Oryon-Bounce [SINGLE] (2008)

1. Bounce
2. Bounce [Tracy Young Radio Remix]
3. Bounce [Funkyhouse Remix]
4. Bounce [R 'n' B Remix]
5. Bounce [Tribal Trance Mix]
6. Bounce [Tracy Young Extended Remix]
7. Bounce [Tracy Young Dub Remix]
8. Bounce [Tribal Trance Extended Mix]
9. Bounce [Electro Dub]

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