Monday, July 14, 2014

Steven Zachary-Angelica (2001)


No slowing down of the dance music festivities as I go from the Freestyle flava to the Latin flava with "Angelica", a recent addition to my Eurodance/Euro-house collection and the only official solo release—as far as I know—by a guy named Steven Zachary. You can tell he's really in love with this Angelica woman that he passionately sings about. 'Mi amor Angelica, you are my sombrero now': these words in the main chorus and everything else he says flows so beautifully with the blaring trumpet accompaniment, plucking of the Spanish guitar and the bombastic drum beats banging on the opening 'Radio Mix'. The stripped-down 'Original Version' sounds pretty good on the ears, especially for those wanting more emphasis on the vocals, but if you want the maximum amount of groove for your mood, then you gotta have the 'Extended Version' and the more techno-charged 6+ minute 'House Mix':

1. Angelica (Radio Remix)
2. Angelica (Original Version)
3. Angelica (Extended Version)
4. Angelica (House Mix)

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