Wednesday, August 20, 2014

ADVENTURES-The Sea Of Love (1988)


My adventures back into the memorable 80's resumes with a band I don't even remember at all: the Irish pop/rock band called THE ADVENTURES. Yeah, and I was feeling rather 'adventurous' myself when a couple of nice songs by them—"Drowning In The Sea Of Love" and "Broken Land"—were recommended to me a few days ago, which in turn led me to track down the band's sophomore studio album, "The Sea Of Love". The driving force behind the good tunes here? Nice melodies and strong hooks, which results in 40+ minutes of easy-listening music. "Broken Land" is particularly nice, as the merry melody of the flute is so sublime. A bit of Irish influence there? Wading a couple of tracks later on this journey through "The Sea Of Love" and you'll find my next favorite, "The Trip To Bountiful (When The Rain Comes Down)". There's a pleasant story being told on this piece—one that I'm looking forward to hearing again, as just one tour with it wasn't nearly enough for me. Then speaking more about pleasantries, "The Sound Of Summer" is another pleasant tune along the lines of "Broken Land" where my ears wanted to drop the anchor and set adrift for a while. Only once or twice on this album does the pop/rock sound get a gust of wind in its sails with a bit of a harder-rocking sound. Noticed it first on "Hold Me Now"—albeit it very briefly—but for the most part, the graceful voyage into "The Sea Of Love" isn't a bumpy one at all:

1. Drowning In The Sea Of Love
2. Broken Land
3. You Don't Have To Cry Anymore
4. The Trip To Bountiful (When The Rain Comes Down)
5. Heaven Knows Which Way
6. Hold Me Now
7. The Sound Of Summer
8. When Your Heart Was Young
9. One Step From Heaven

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