Friday, August 1, 2014

David Hanselmann-Let The Music Carry On (1991)


Lots and lots of 'Davids' have been making their home here at "The Music Spectrum"; there's always room for one more, especially when that David has a voice that's as stunning as German-American singer David Hanselmann's! And because of that voice, the recommended and requested 1991 album "Let The Music Carry On" has just become the best album I've heard all week! As soon as I got my copy, I went straight to the final track and played it because I instantly recognized the title: "Stand By Me". Not surprising to many of you who already know how much of a big sucker I am for covers of classic tunes. Well, Ben E. King's "Stand By Me" certainly is a classic, and it always sounds great when I haven't heard it in ages, no matter if it's the 1961 original or if it's somebody else performing it—in this case, David Hanselmann. I just love hearing those memorable starry lyrics—'so darlin', darlin', stand by me'—put to that unmistakable melody and that plucking of the bass guitar. Though instead of that gripping familiar orchestral accompaniment, David's remake is accompanied by a selection of backup vocalists who harmonize behind the subtle, low-key rhythm. My favorite part is when the beat drops out altogether and everyone sings together acapella for a few bars before the beat picks back up momentarily before the fade-out. "Stand By Me" would be the first of many songs on this album that I've had to play a couple of times; the next would be the energetic opener, "Power To Love". The deceptively quiet intro breaks out into an awesome dancey rock beat while David proclaims that love is the savior of all, and when this thrill ride concludes with its sudden beat drop, all you'll be able to do is say 'WOW!'. Oh, except for pressing the rewind button to play it again.....and again. You can't get by just playing it once! The thrills continue with the inspirational "Turn Around". Such monumental production happening on this one, and his group of backup singers provide excellent vocals during the main chorus. Fire is indeed burning again in the dark, as part of the lyrics go. Fire of a different kind boils through the German-American singer on the powerful ballad, "Don't Tell Me Your Lies". An ordinary case of 'tired of all of your games and all of your excuses' becomes extraordinary with David infusing his emotion into every word he sings here. From lies and alibis to just wanting to lie by his baby's side—such is the theme to the tender piece, "You're The Only One". Yet even this one ends in grand fashion, and you get to hear his stunning voice soaring up to the high heavens a few times. The grandest of moments for me, however, would rise up on the Olympic-sized tune thereafter: "Go For The Cup". I was curious what this 'cup' would be in reference to prior to listening, but the second I took in the roaring arena crowd ambiance at the very beginning, I knew it had to have been a song created for some Olympic-sized event—the 1990 Football World Cup, to be exact, as I read when I couldn't stand the curiosity any longer. I always love these official sports tunes because they have a triumphant, magical feel about them that always gets me going! Was also curious about how the album's title track would flow. Would it be an instrumental of some sort? Well, there is plenty of good tribal ambiance, but you get the vocals, too, put against a nice dance/pop beat. Another heavenly moment not to be missed is the soul-touching slow piece, "Holy Water". Almost has a spiritual, gospel feel to it, taking in the serenity of the warming ambiance that's so fitting for the theme of blessed holy water. Then for something else that's sung from deep down in the soul, there's "Soul To Soul": a simple upbeat tune with the simple message that two lovers should be attached at the heart. If "Go Get The Cup" wasn't an Olympic-worthy song of motivation, then Track #9's "The Winner Will Survive" would be a worthy replacement, even if it wasn't intended to be. This lovely soft rock offering and #2 favorite of mine on this album is filled with positive words of wisdom and encouragement; I could totally hear it being played in some movie during an emotional moment or, at the very least, on the easy-listening radio channels. I think I've carried on enough about "Let The Music Carry On", so all I have left to say is to carry this terrific album with you and let the music be your constant companion:

1. Power To Love
2. Turn Around
3. Don't Tell Me Your Lies
4. You're The Only One
5. Go Get The Cup
6. Let The Music Carry On
7. Holy Water
8. Soul To Soul
9. The Winner Will Survive
10. Stand By Me

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