Friday, August 1, 2014

David Slater-Be With Me (1989)


Nothing like some good old-fashioned, down-to-earth country pop music to warm the heart. "Be With Me" is the winning sophomore solo album by David Slater, a man who has started to become a household name here at "The Music Spectrum". 'Winning', because every tune on the album really is a winner! Well, practically anything coming out of the 80's is a winner in my book. You might be able to see David's romantic intentions on the cover artwork pictured above, but you can feel his honest romantic intentions on the sunny title track that opens up the music. It must be that same special lady that makes him feel special on "She Will"—she'll do everything in the world for him. My #1 favorite on the album just so happens to be the most romantic moment on the album: "We Fell In Love Anyway". That teary-eyed yet sweetening melody and the easy-listening, folk-style delivery of the lyrics breathes so much intimacy that you feel like you are right there with the two lovers. As his satisfying story goes—even though there wasn't any fancy romancing and dancing or anything really magical in the air, they somehow managed to fall in love in the happy end. A twist on the old 'between a rock and a hard place' phrase on the album's perky upbeat tune that follows, although I would have to agree that heartbreak is a pretty hard place to be emotionally. Earnest and true are his feelings on "That Close", almost giving his girl up, but making desperate last-minute pleas to win her back forever. Then turning the tables and telling about another man besides himself who's in love is another nice favorite of mine: the upbeat number, "Whatcha Gonna Do About Her?". Or maybe this song is dedicated to any guy in general who's dealing with his strong feelings for another woman but hasn't yet told her how she feels. So for the helpless romantics out there, it's time to wipe the slate clean and be true to yourself by listening to what David Slater has to say on "Be With Me", because these spirited songs will help you to know what love is really like:

1. Be With Me
2. One Of My Reasons Why
3. She Will
4. We Fell In Love Anyway
5. Between A Rock And A Heartbreak
6. No More Tears
7. That Close
8. Whatcha Gonna Do About Her?
9. From Now On
10. Nothin' Like Love

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