Sunday, August 24, 2014

EDIN-ÅDAHL - Big Talk (1989)


I've been boasting about my 80's adventure all weekend long.....and now I have another goodie from my favorite decade to talk about! Big-time jams are what I enjoyed during my first stint with the Swedish Christian contemporary music band, EDIN-ÅDAHL, who formed their name using the surnames of two of the group's four members. I'm a little uncertain as to which one of them is the band's soulful lead singer—any long-time EDIN-ÅDAHL fans out there could surely verify this—but I'm pretty sure that would be one half of the Ådahl siblings duo, Frank Adahl. Whoever he is, he's got a big voice, and when matched up with the band's funky pop/rock sound, every one of the nine selections on this album is delivered in stunning fashion! I've already gone back twice to listen to the lively opener, "Going Back", and I'm sure I'll be going back for a 'three-peat' (repeating or the third time, that is, for those of you unfamiliar with that expressions commonly used in sports) before it's all said and done. Early on, you're treated to one of the album's nicest moments: "Missin' You". Here, the vocals and the accompanying rhythms are softer and smoother, an effect that causes the listener to feel the songwriter's emptiness expressed in song's sad lyrics. The saxophone and the warming melody, however, are there to sweeten the salty mood. Some nice moments are simply magical, and that's what I have to say about "Mystical Moments". As with "Missin' You", the vocals and the rhythms on this light-rock beauty are kept on the soft and tender side, marvelously jazzed up by the saxophone, then later by that delicate piano in the song's closeout instrumental sequence. And placed into the 'nice songs' category as well is the concluding ballad, "Lonely Without You" (I like that drum marching beat that plays on during the song's fade-out sequence). "Wider Than The Ocean", one of the album's songwriting masterpieces, is just a powerful love tune, especially when you get deep into the lyrics of the main chorus. That saxophone, which is a constant companion on these songs, strikes up yet again here, sounding sublime alongside the bluesy, almost gospel sounds of the blaring organ. I totally dig the words belted out on "Write It On The Wall". It's like he's venting out his frustrations on everything wrong that's happening in the world and literally writing it on the wall for everyone to see. I love that jazzy intro and the excellent vocals of the unified backup singers chiming in, too; gives the song it's own character all around. I've saved my biggest talk for my #1 favorite of them all: "Utopia". Definitely the high point of this album, that Christian contemporary influence is heard in the meaningful lyrics to this one loud and clear, as the whole theme here is about searching for a perfect paradise that this world as we know it should've been. Now that's a jam that I can keep going back to for several days non-stop! "Big Talk" is full of great sound, great vocals, great lyrics and just great music altogether; what's left to talk about?

1. Going Back
2. Missin' You
3. Wider Than The Ocean
4. Man Of The Street
5. Big Talk
6. Mystical Moments
7. Write It On The Wall
8. Utopia
9. Lonely Without You

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