Tuesday, August 19, 2014

IT TAKES 2-I Need To Find Someone (1994)


A second little sumthin' sumthin' from my Eurodance singles collection. The production duo that called itself IT TAKES TWO is yet another 'mystery artist' whom I know practically nothing about, but I was totally entranced by their 1994 hit, "I Need To Find Someone". Got better each time I tuned in, particularly the catchy main chorus, where one of the guy's keeps repeating the title lyrics against the pumping beat and the glitzy techno-tronic production. I suppose it's the other half of the duo who serves as the MC, busting out with the get-you-up-and-movin' rap in that classic 90's Eurodance style (I like when he does that 'boom-chick-e-boom, boom, boom-chick-e-boom'). The four variations of the mixes themselves get better as you advance deeper into the single, with my favorite being the 'Club Remix' because of its smoother, trancier rhythm and the nice melodies provided by the accompanying keyboards. So you can put two and two together and easily see that "I Need To Find Someone" is something that you need to check out:

1. I Need To Find Someone (Radio Edit)
2. I Need To Find Someone (12" Dance Mix)
3. I Need To Find Someone (Club Remix)
4. I Need To Find Someone (Chiaz Mix)

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