Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Janita-Believer (1997)


I believe I have found another music goodie for your r&b collection! That would be 1997's "Believer", the debut English album by the Finnish singer Janita Maria Ervi, or simply Janita for short. Great voice and excellent grooves—need I say more? Yes I do! While I was indeed lovin' every minute of the uptempo opener, "Lovin' Every Minute", I couldn't help but to think about the memorable rockin' LOVERBOY hit from the 80's with that same title every so often throughout. As for Janita? Well, you can tell she's lovin' every minute of being wrapped up in her man's love. After that, I firmly believed that I was only in store for more great tunes, and the groovy dance jam that is this album's title track made a believer out of me! Beyond that instant thriller is another favorite upbeat jam of mine: "Ready Or Not". It isn't just that same old quotation 'ready or not, here I come'; it's more like 'ready or not, here my love comes', as Janita boldly proclaims in the song's sweet lyrics as the soulicious backup singers chime in to support her on background vocals. Throwing me for a complete loop was the monstrous growling of the reggae-style rap midway through by some guest male vocalist, yet somehow, it flows with the beat so well while adding a bit of spice to the music. The Finnish singer shines just as brightly on the album's slower numbers, including the pair of break-up tunes entitled "If Your Phone Don't Ring" and "Getting Over"—both of which are surprisingly calm and low-key despite the negativity of emotions that Janita expresses. The nicest slow jams that I believe the r&b lovers out there will crave the most are "All You Need To Know", "Since You Came" and the very nicely done "It Doesn't Get Better", whose breezy laid-back mood and jazzy undertones make it the perfect after-7-o'clock song to groove to during your late-night quite storm:

1. Lovin' Every Minute
2. Believer
3. All You Need To Know
4. If Your Phone Don't Ring
5. Ready Or Not
6. Getting Over
7. Great Wall
8. When You Do What You Do
9. Since You Came
10. It Doesn't Get Better
11. All This Time

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