Sunday, August 17, 2014



Yesterday's hearing of Ernest Kohl's rendition of "This Is The Moment", the signature classic from the "Jekyll & Hyde" Broadway musical, gave me the notion to present the album from which the original came: the complete 1997 Broadway cast recording itself. Of course, having front row seats at the actual theatrical production would've been nice, but I'll take some good theater music any day of the week. So with this, I get to be reunited with the fabulous voice of Linda Eder while being introduced to a gentleman whom I hadn't heard of before today, but who has an equally fabulous voice: Robert Cuccioli. In a production that I'm sure was filled with many sweet moments, the sweetest one of all has to be Robert's epic, show-stopping delivery of "This Is The Moment". I absolutely love this song! Certainly makes me stop what I'm doing just so I can zone in and marvel in all of Robert's vocal excellence, not to mention the monumental orchestra production. Yet there are many other sweet solo moments voiced by Robert Cuccioli besides "This Is The Moment": his grand of a performance that is "Take Me As I Am", "First Transformation" (I like that speech presumably given by Dr. Hyde when he talks about injecting the formula and feeling a state of euphoria), "Alive", where his monstrous voice is almost as scary as it is amazing (some wonderful acting going on there) alongside the bombastic symphony overtures and, the equally monstrous "Confrontation" (sounds like this one was performed during the show's climactic revelation). As for Linda Eder? Well, hearing her singing solo is always a joy, though the selections of hers that I highlight here are "Someone Like You", the twinkly ballad, "Once Upon A Dream", "The Way Back" and the starry piano piece she sings with Christiane Noll, "In His Eyes" (love it when she reaches that operatic high note), which ends in supremely grand fashion! And it's fun hearing her perform the song that is basically the theme for the whole "Jekyll & Hyde" story: "Good 'n' Evil". How about when Linda and Robert, tonight's honorary featured singers, are performing together? It becomes something truly magical, as "I Must Go On", "Your Work - And Nothing More" and the suspenseful "Dangerous Game" demonstrate perfectly. Now I wish that I can see this "Jekyll & Hyde" musical live at some entertainment venue in the hear future, and considering that I've practically been missing out on my regular theater outings for pretty much the whole summer, it really would be just what the doctor ordered:

1. Prologue
2. Lost In The Darkness
3. Facade
4. Pursue The Truth
5. Facade Reprise 1
6. Emma's Reason
7. I Must Go On
8. Take Me As I Am
9. Letting Go
10. Facade Reprise 2
11. No One Knows Who I Am
12. Good 'n' Evil
13. Now There Is No Choice
14. This Is The Moment
15. First Transformation
16. Alive
17. Your Work - And Nothing More
18. Sympathy, Tenderness
19. Someone Like You
20. Alive Reprise
21. Murder, Murder
22. Once Upon A Dream
23. Obsession
24. In His Eyes
25. Dangerous Game
26. Facade Reprise 3
27 The Way Back
28. A New Life
29. Confrontation
30. Facade Reprise 4
31. Finale

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Metal Munky said...

AAAAHHH!! I'm soooo happy you uploaded this Rich! You're like a master detective and found this. Oh, I would listen to this for quite a long time on loop in my ipod. Thank yooooouuuuu!!!!!