Sunday, August 3, 2014

LIMIT-She's So Divine [12"] (1982)


Yeah, the sky is the limit when it comes to amount of good tunes that rain down on "The Music Spectrum". While still in the process of tying up the last of my loose ends from the 'L' entries in my music library, I decided I'd funk things up a little and pull out "She's So Divine", an early retro-disco classic created by the Dutch production team of Bernard Oattes and Rob Van Schaik, better known collectively as THE LIMIT. This single was originally released in at least half a dozen different versions, but I was careful in selecting the 12-inch version that contains the 6+ minute extended version of the song—so that I could get more bang for my buck, of course. Though even more importantly, I wanted the cool B-side track—a nice, breezy jazzed-up soul tune with some bounce simply called "Pop". 'Pop pop pop, check out the rhythm, pop pop pop, check out the music'—simple, easy-to-remember and fun lyrics; simple and easy beat to bop your head to. Love that delicate piano melody that strikes up about midway through. As divine as the groovy "She's So Divine" is, I would have to say that "Pop" is the more divine of the two, and evidence of that is the fact that I've had to bop my head to "Pop" a few times this afternoon while playing it through the music speakers for myself:

1. She's So Divine
2. Pop

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