Monday, August 4, 2014

LOOSE ENDS-A Little Spice (1984)


Even more loose ends left untied from my music library! It may have taken me a long time for this British soul group to make their first appearance to "The Music Spectrum" with their "Look How Long" album; didn't take nearly as long for them to come right back with what I think is the better of all of their releases: 1984's "A Little Spice". Why is this album so memorable? Because it spawned the group's breakout hit, "Let's Rock", of course. And this jam does in fact rock—even three decades later! I've always loved the dancey rhythm and the simple get-you-up-and-movin' lyrics; had forgotten about the beat drops mixed in with the robotic voice effects which, staying true to the theme of the album, spices up the song further. When it's been so long since you've last listened to something in its uninterrupted original entirety, you tend to re-discover these little nuances. It just felt good listening to this whole album again altogether—a little mid-evening treat to myself before winding down. Got plenty of kicks out of the opening jam, "Tell Me What You Want" (now this is some of that good ole 80's r&b with some real rhythm to it!), plus "So Much In Love" and another familiar tune, "Choose Me", where the blaring saxophone melodies are the sugar and the spice as they jazz up the music quite nicely with female member Jane Eugene's sweet vocals leading the way. A song I hadn't favored before, but now gets my attention is "Dial 999". One would expect '911' to be the number to dial in case of an emergency, but in this case, it's a love emergency, and dialing those three digits will bring the guy that Jane is singing about closer to her, as the lyrics flow, the sound of the ambulance sirens and telephone dial tones adding a nice touch to the already nice upbeat groove. Possibly the sweetest moment has got the most spice, and that would be the title track at the tail end of the tape. A taste of bossanova is what you'll savor on this breezy, lively tune that begins as an extended instrumental piece, accented by the beautiful sounds of fluttery flute overtures. It isn't just a little spice; it's a lot , and you'll savor every second of it and the seven other delectable tracks that precede it:

1. Tell Me What You Want
2. Feel So Right Now
3. Let's Rock
4. So Much In Love
5. Dial 999
6. Music Takes Me Higher
7. Choose Me
8. A Little Spice

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