Thursday, August 28, 2014

Luba-Secrets And Sins (1984)


Some of music's best kept secrets often seem to be locked away in the 80's vault of forgotten treasures. Well, at least one of them won't be a secret any longer, as I now proudly share "Secrets And Sins", the second of four solo albums released in the 80's by Canadian pop/rock singer Luba. Don't feel like you've committed the ultimate sin if you only listened to this album just to hear Luba's fantastic, piercing voice; it's easily the reason why I myself became attracted to her music! Almost overpowering, even, as I noted the first time I listened to the album's title track that opens up this treasure chest of tunes. It was kinda like, 'what is she even saying in her lyrics?', though still enjoying the music and the AOR-style rock sound nonetheless. But you can best believe I was all open ears taking in the teary-eyed love song right afterwards: "Everytime I See Your Picture". You know how old photographs dredge up old memories of someone you used to love? Such is the theme of this number, which has a beautiful piano melody and great guitar riffs blaring during the instrumental bridge. For such a delicate tune in its beginnings, it eventually breaks out into a power ballad, showing the strength in Luba's performing ability early on. A sure-fire hit on the Canadian airwaves back in the day has to be one of my favorites, "Let It Go". A hint of Caribbean flavor and a touch of savory calypso are all that I need to make me feel like wanting to dance to this jam! Then it's time to jam again on the more harder-rockin' "Young Guns". Those powerful vocal chords of hers are definitely cocked and loaded here, my favorite part about her singing here being the way she screeches when she trails off at the singing of 'guns' in the main hook. And it sounds like she took those guns into battle on another fun tune, "Private Wars". The military drum marching beat and the manly grunts of the men scattered throughout as if engaged in combat: just a couple of nuances that makes my listening here complete. Me always being one to favor the quirky aspects of a musical production, the odd melody and the discordant echoing drones are what kept my ears glued to "One With You". I'm completely forgetting how the lyrics go on this one, but I seem to recall Luba expressing her desire to be in romantic unity with the man she loves? Probably requires some re-listening on my part. And don;t feel you've committed the ultimate sin again if you erroneously read the title to Track #9 as 'Calm Before The Storm'. I nearly did the same thing when I first got this album, because it's quite natural to say that well-used phrase exactly as I just said it. But in the case of the Canadian singer, it's the "Storm Before The Calm", and if you're dealing with relationships, perhaps it's better arranged that order. Let all of the drama and turmoil break loose first so that you can enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility later on. Besides the reversing of the title, I loved the song's sweet, happy melody—one that puts a warm smile of satisfaction on my face. Then ending the album quite appropriately is the almost sinful "Resurrect The Love". A sultry and seductive Luba enticing and teasing while a daydreamy melody and hypnotic groove tantalize the ears? Love resurrection indeed:

1. Secrets And Sins
2. Everytime I See Your Picture
3. Let It Go
4. Sacrificial Heart
5. Still The Voices
6. Young Guns
7. One With You
8. Private Wars
9. Storm Before The Calm
10. Resurrect The Love

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