Sunday, August 10, 2014

Natalie Brown-Let The Candle Burn (2000)


Planning on burning some midnight oil tonight? Let the sultry, soulful voice of Canadian singer Natalie Brown and the smooth r&b tunes on her debut album, "Let The Candle Burn", keep you company. The music was keeping me company while I did some outdoor gardening earlier today, then again later once darkness had replaced the daylight and my relaxing evening was beginning to wind down. Listening to the upbeat title track at the very start let me know right off the bat that this will be something that the r&b lovers out there will embrace. Pick any tune on this album, and it's sure to be a delight to the ears. "You're So Good To Me" is a favorite of mine—the beat and Natalie's sweet voice, mostly (I especially like that high-low double voicing effect when she sings the verses), but also taking in the sweet words of dedication that are the reasons why she feels her man is so good to her. "You Gotta Believe", which keeps the music on the upbeat side as well, is a nice song of encouragement and self-empowerment. The highlight here? Yep, you guessed it—Natalie's voice, which sounds particularly lovely when it gets amazingly high and lofty! Yet the thing that r&b lovers will surely look for in the Canadian singer's repertoire is the slow jams, and there's plenty of such fine moments to sit back and groove to. "You Pierced My Soul" is one that had awakened my senses after casually breezing along through the first three or four tracks. But I was all locked into "Locked In The Shadows", which is one of those cuddle-up-and-rock-your-baby-in-sweet-love types that makes you feel good about the one you're with. "Wind At My Back" keeps it on the nice n' slow as does another favorite of mine, "In Your Arms Again", and the album's peaceful concluding cut, "In My Dreams". So let the voice of Natalie Brown be your burning desire tonight; once you've felt the heat from the flame, it'll be a long while before you'll even think about blowing it out:

1. Let The Candle Burn
2. More Today Than Yesterday
3. You Make Me Feel
4. You're So Good To Me
5. You Pierced My Soul
6. Run Away
7. Locked In The Shadows
8. Confused
9. Wind At My Back
10. You Gotta Believe
11. Love Has Finally Called My Name
12. In Your Arms Again
13. In My Dreams

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