Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ONE 2 ONE-Imagine It (1992)


Yep, you can imagine it—another goodie oldie from the collection of lost pop treasures! Well, not totally lost yet, as the third and final album by the Canadian pop duo ONE 2 ONE is being revived here at "The Music Spectrum". At the forefront of this act is the striking voice of Louise Reny, whom I had at one point thought reminded me of former GO-GO girl Belinda Carlisle. And the sound is similar, too—that contemporary pop/rock style that is forever a mainstay on the easy-listening radio channels. Let me direct your attention to all of the songs I love the most, beginning down near the end with "Big Hush". It's the funky way this song swings and the bold personality Louise thrusts into her delivery of the lyrics that hooks me here. Must've played it at least twice the first time I got this CD. It's tough not to love those sweet love songs where the songwriter is dredging up a handful of memories; such is what I love about the warming "Tough To Tame". And that piano playing along with the melody—makes listening along even sweeter. How many times will you encounter an album where the songwriter speaks about the importance of having friends? Having somebody to lean on, count on and depend on is the theme to the album's meaningful fourth track. And while thinking about this song, I myself had a few flashbacks of the memorable Michael W. Smith song by the same time; do they even make songs like these anymore? "Keeping Faith" keeps me tuned in all the way through because of the lively rock vibe infused with the pop while the rain and thunder ambiance pulled me into "I'll Walk Away", which turns into a lively foot-tappin' number with a country bounce to it—enjoyable, despite the unhappy lyrics where Louise promises to do exactly what the song title says if love has been lost between her and her lover. I should point out, though, that before I'd even decided on these favorites of mine, I'd already enjoyed what I heard on the opener, "Peace Of Mind (Love Goes On)". So you can imagine that, now that I've featured the Canadian duo here, their music must be great, and I imagine that I've convinced you to check out 1992's "Imagine It" for yourself:

1. Peace Of Mind (Love Goes On)
2. Memory Lane
3. Keeping Faith
4. Friends
5. Big On Emotion
6. Tough To Tame
7. I'll Walk Away
8. Big Hush
9. Gypsy Girl
10. World Without Love

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