Saturday, August 9, 2014

PAULA, PLEASE-Watch What You Say (1992)


More good music, please! And you shall have it! Sometimes, you really do need to hear an album four or five times before you're heart's finally content, and that's exactly the case with "Watch What You Say", another pop music goodie by a group called PAULA, PLEASE that was recently added to my music collection. The exact origins and current whereabouts of this PAULA, PLEASE I couldn't tell you, but I am pleased to say the group's lead vocalist, Paula Camp, had a nice voice that was very pleasing on the ears when she and her bandmates recorded these eleven songs more than two decades ago! A cool, soulful voice—one that I could say sounds a lot like Polish pop singer Basia Trzetrzelewska (I just like writing her last name) or British singers Lisa Stansfield and Sade. The title track has literally been spinning, running, doing backflips and basically tumbling around in my head for the better part of a month now—all thanks to the catchy dance beat and the even catchier main chorus. The advice given in the song is simple: don't say the wrong thing or you just might break somebody's heart into pieces. The pair of follow-ups—"Human Touch" and "Just Wanna Dance"—seem to have used nearly identical dance/pop production, and because of that, I got caught on to both of these in a hurry, too. It's Paula singing all by herself up until you get to the next upbeat number, "Oh, Johnny", where a male vocalist breaks in a couple of times with a few pleasing raps to throw some hip into the pop. Might be the same guy supporting her on Track #8's "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone / All Day And All Of The Night". Whew—long title, isn't it? It's another fun tune with a catchy dance/pop beat, with me liking the part where the guy sings 'girl, I want to be with you, all of the time, all day and all of the night', which I realized, after a bit of deep concentration, partially samples both the stylistic delivery of the lyrics and the beat to "One And One", an old 80's hit by the hip-hop group 2 LIVE CREW that I remember hearing at my grandmother's house when I was a kid. I've determined that my favorite of the upbeat dance tracks, which had been going neck and neck with "Watch What You Say" up until tonight, is "I'll Be Your Lover". There's just something so good about the way Paula sounds when she's singing the main chorus here that strikes me more than it does on this album's opener. But if you really wanna take in that wonderful voice of hers, listen to her during the slower moments, such as "Did I Wish?", the sweet n' sincere "This Love (Can't Survive)" (I like when she gets high and lofty in the main chorus with that double voice effect) and the final track, "Everlasting Love". So please, do yourself and your ears a favor and please yourself by listening to PAULA, PLEASE. Then watch what you'll have to say about her when you're done:

1. Watch What You Say
2. Human Touch
3. Just Wanna Dance
4. Did I Wish?
5. Oh, Johnny
6. Tell Me
7. This Love (Can't Survive)
8. (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone / All Day And All Of The Night
9. I'll Be Your Lover
10. Can't Hold Back
11. Everlasting Love

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