Saturday, August 2, 2014

QUARTERFLASH-Quarterflash (1981)


In a flash, I've raced full speed ahead—or should I say full speed reverse?—back into the 80's! Those favorite songs of mine by HEART? Yep, they're the ones responsible for serving as the catalyst for the reaction. So I found myself enjoying my latest flashback from the past when I served myself nine helpings of the classic rock band, QUARTERFLASH. And you can probably guess which one of the those nine helpings was the most filling from my childhood: the opener "Harden My Heart". This is another golden oldie and definitive hit from music's most memorable decade that belongs on every 80's rock compilation, 80's classic rock station and whatever else 80's rock you can think of! Always loved that distinctive voice of Rindy Ross (for some reason, I get images of a purring cat listening to her singing here, especially with the words 'I'm gonna swallow my tears') and that awesome, unmistakable saxophone melody. Yes indeed, "Harden My Heart" will stay in everyone's hearts forever! For literally years, that would be the only tune from this album I had ever heard, so by the time I did get to devour those extra eight servings, QUARTERFLASH had pretty much disbanded.....until their eventual reunion, that is (was shocked to read about that not so long ago). But it was sure some good eatin', digging into "Find Another Fool" (I really liked the combination of instruments being used here, particularly the stroking of that violin), "Right Kind Of Love" (the saxophone is just as beautiful here as it is on "Harden My Heart"), "Love Should Be So Kind" (totally not hard rock, but a beautiful ambient piece nonetheless) and the terrifically jazzed-up number "Williams Avenue" (I always like these romantic, walk-down-memory-lane types of songs where the singer muses about a city's special locale). Something I hadn't known all those years I'd only listened to "Harden My Heart" is that Rindy Ross shared lead vocal duties with fellow bandmate Jack Charles. When I eventually got this album, I got to hear him for the first time on "Cruisin' With The Deuce" (and I could 'cruise' to this one all day long with that great hook and that piano accompanying the music) and this album's hidden gem, "Critical Times". The latter is kind of a sad song—bittersweet is more like it—but when a song is so sweet on the ears and has that magical soft rock radio glow about it, that's really all that matters:\

1. Harden My Heart
2. Find Another Fool
3. Critical Times
4. Valerie
5. Try To Make It True
6. Right Kind Of Love
7. Cruisin' With The Deuce
8. Love Should Be So Kind
9. Williams Avenue

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