Saturday, August 23, 2014

Richard Carpenter-Time (1987)


What time is it when you think you've run out of new things from the 80's to listen to? Time to listen to another 80's album, of course! That was just a stab at a little silly humor there, thinking back on those old joke books from the Scholastic Reading Club I used to read all the time back in elementary school. I'm quite sure that I'll never run out of new 80's stuff, and this latest gem I've discovered is proof of exactly that. 1987's "Time" is, to my knowledge, the first and only album by Richard Carpenter, one half of the iconic American brother/sister duo THE CARPENTERS, whose sweet-sounding music I've always found very captivating and has been embraced and celebrated by so many people in the popular music world. Perhaps more precise would've been crediting the album 'RICHARD CARPENTER & FRIENDS', as this ten-track effort is a collaboration between himself and a selection of iconic guest singers. It's the great Dusty Springfield singing all alone on "Something In Your Eyes", the legendary Dionne Warwick performing the elegant "In Love Alone" (her songs always sound elegant, don't they?) and, my pleasant surprise of the the week, Hollywood star artist Scott Grimes performing the delightfully jazzed-up pop number, "That's What I Believe" (I've been enamored with his voice and his music altogether ever since I heard his cover of Carole King's "You've Got A Friend" from his 1989 self-titled debut). No friends are needed on the beautiful piano composition that serves as the album's title track midway through—just one example in what I'm sure is a fine collection of productions in Richard Carenter's musical portfolio. But he shines just as bright vocally as he does instrumentally; he sure puts a romantic glow on soothing numbers as "I'm Still Not Over You" and the Richard Marx-penned "Calling Your Name Again" (Richard Marx's songwriting always gets my attention). A real treat is the dedication to the second half of THE CARPENTERS on Track #4's "When Time Was All We Had". Starts off as a marvelous acappella before some more of that sublime jazzyness that I like creeps into the slow tempo of the music. Then a reminder of just how much fun 80's love songs were (and still are, by my standards) is the pair of upbeat opening cuts: the rockin' "Say Yeah!" and "Who Do You Love?". So when you get some free time on your hands, I totally recommend making time for this timeless 1987 gem:

1. Say Yeah!
2. Who Do You Love?
3. Something In Your Eyes
4. When Time Was All We Had (A Dedication To Karen)
5. Time
6. Calling Your Name Again
7. In Love Alone
8. Remind Me To Tell You
9. That's What I Believe
10. I'm Still Not Over You

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