Friday, August 29, 2014

Spagna-Matter Of Time (1993)


It was only a matter of time before you'd see the face of Italian pop singer Ivana Spagna here at "The Music Spectrum". On my mind for literally months has been checking out more of her English recordings outside of her 1991 album, "No Way Out". So it was either a choice to go back into my favorite decade—the 80's, of course—or go forward and deeper into the 90's and 2000's. I'd chosen the latter, for the time being, and eventually ended up with 1993's "Matter Of Time". To borrow a quotation at the beginning of a favorite Aretha Franklin song from the 80's—"Rock-A-Lott"—it's time to jam, y'all! Listening to the opening mid-tempo track, "If I Listened To My Heart", is like the calm before the storm, as the big-time beats come raging in soon afterwards! Every 90's dance fanatic will instantly fall in love with "Why Me?". While Spagna declares the man whom she's singing about in the lyrics is letting her down, the music is lifting you up—quite literally, I'd imagine, as in 'up and out of your seat'! Yep, you already know it's on my 'Favorites Mix', and I recommend that you do exactly the same! Next, you'll be falling head over heels for "You'll Be Mine"—in a heartbeat! That awesome Eurodisco beat, the happy melody of the church bells (wedding bells, even?) and Spagna's confident words that she and her man will be together forever in the song's great hook makes "You'll Be Mine" one of the sweetest dance cuts you've heard all week! Then after that, you'll want to stay right where you are and keep on jammin' to "Don't Go Away Tonight", the album's third thrilling dance cut in succession whose melody is even more bubbly and happier than the jam before it—church bells ringing and all! Except this time, the contrast in the lyrics is that of Spagna hoping that her man will stay right beside her. From church bells and wedding bells to blue bells—in more ways than one, I suppose—with "Why Are You Leaving Me?". Blue for the dance lover, as the beats slow down for a few minutes; blue for the songwriter herself, as the romantic thrill ride has all but ended. But not blue for the complete listener, as it's one grand of a performance on the Italian pop singer's part. Even more stunning is the slow number that comes right after: "If You Really Love Me". Starts off with a nice acoustic guitar arrangement, one that's quite warming and captivates the imagination when equipped with Spagna's earnest words, before emerging into a truly powerful vocal explosion that lasts up until the very last second. It's back to the dance floor when that familiar 90's Eurodance techno glitz sparks the album's fourth high-energy dance track, the cheerful "I Always Dream About You". Although it gets ranked as #4 out of all the dance tracks on this album by yours truly, it's still another must-listen for the dance lovers! The beats slow down a second time and for the rest of the way through once the dreaming has stopped there, but you'll still get treated to some very pleasant tunes that includes the title track, "You & I" and the short-but-very-sweet concluding piece, "I'll Keep Loving You" which, at just over a minute of running time, serves more as a touching, last-minute reminder that the one she loves will forever remain inside her heart:

1. If I Listened To My Heart
2. Why Me?
3. You'll Be Mine
4. Don't Go Away Tonight
5. Why Are You Leaving Me?
6. If You Really Love Me
7. I Always Dream About You
8. Matter Of Time
9. You & I
10. I'll Walk Away
11. I'll Keep Loving You

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