Thursday, August 14, 2014

TWO MINDS CRACK-The Victory Parade (1986)


I was planning to check out some more 90's r&b tonight, but seems like my mind had other wandering to the 80's for another quick flashback! Haven't been acquainted with the Welsh synthpop/new wave act TWO MINDS CRACK yet? That's okay, because you'll get to know them very well, now that I'm presenting them and their first and only album ever released, "The Victory Parade". Yeah, 'victory' is right, as I myself felt rather 'victorious' when I got the chance to hear the album's opener, "One Sky Above Us", some time ago, then proceeded to get this whole CD—my version being the fifteen-track version (had to have all of the extra tracks and remixes, which I'll get to in a minute). Me being a guy who loves sweet twinkly melodies was the reason I had instantly gotten hooked onto "One Sky Above Us". But then there was that even more twinkly calypso-style rhythm going on with the beat that also delighted my ears. Then besides that, there was the great voices that I adored—of the group's lead singer and especially of the ladies on backup (I love when they were singing the catchy 'nigh nigh nigh na na na na', which pretty much makes up the bulk of the song's main chorus). Though I don't recall ever hearing anything in the lyrics about an actual 'sky above us'. Well, the song still sounds heavenly to me no matter what! "The Hunger And The Greed" is a song that will have you craving for more! I was sooooooooooo caught up in the melody again, not to mention that bit of synthesized funk in the dancey rhythm that I hear and love so much in 80's pop production. And those ladies on backup? They're fabulous here, too; one of the ladies in particular has an electric, souliciously wailing voice, which something I noted on several of these songs, actually. Practically steals the show herself! She made me reflect on all of those hits by CULTURE CLUB that featured the soulful voice of Helen Terry. Whoever this soul diva is, she shines gain on the laid-back piece called "Fire" (almost makes like an opera singer here with her chords reaching above the rafters) and the energetic jam "Love Is In Control" ('jam' is right, as the energy stays high and mighty all the way to the song's dynamite finish!). Among the album's finest romantic moments are "Find The Key" (beautiful flute melody, sweet saxophone melody.....yep—this one's definitely for me!) and "Upside Down" (not a cover of the Diana Ross disco classic, although coincidentally, I did listen to the 90's cover of it by pop singer Collette Roberts as well as an original song by Diana Ross herself—"Eaten Alive"—when I was tuning into my 'Favorites Mix' playlist earlier in the day). The concluding track would've been a fine romantic moment, too, if not for the songwriter's heart-broken state of mind; the warming sound of the music completely belies the 'now the love has gone' of the lyrics. There's a song on here that will really make you appreciate nice music, and I award that distinction to "The Dream That Came Before". I love these exotic, chilled-out tunes because I feel like I can just hide myself away in the music and listen on forever and ever. Doesn't take two minds to figure out that this album is a sure winner, and even though this Welsh new wave act have already had their victory parade, I wouldn't blame you should you celebrated your listening of these good tunes with a victory dance of your own:

1. One Sky Above Us
2. Walk On Back
3. The Hunger And The Greed
4. Fire
5. Find The Key
6. Cry Cry Cry
7. Upside Down
8. Love Is In Control
9. Live To Die
10. The Sense That Never Sleeps
11. The Hunger And The Greed (Extended Version)
12. The Dream That Came Before
13. Cry Cry Cry (Extended Version)
14. Cry Cry Cry (Club Mix)
15. Now The Love Has Gone

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