Tuesday, August 19, 2014

X.L.N.T. Marc-Fake (1995)


.....And a third little sumthin' sumthin' from my Eurodance singles collection. The guy who calls himself X.L.N.T. Marc (that four-letter acronym should be read as 'excellent') is yet another 'mystery singer' I know absolutely nothing about, but his debut 1995 hit is certainly an excellent one! Though whoever his presumed ex-lover is that's being sung about in the unhappy lyrics isn't excellent at all—'nothing but a fake', X.L.N.T. Marc says over and over in the catchy main chorus. But that's not all he says: 'you are a fake', 'my biggest mistake', 'pathetic is your name', 'you are a loser' and 'why don't I just shoot you and dance upon your grave' are just a few more of the words of disgust that pour out of the singer's frustrated mind and broken heart. And there's absolutely nothing that's fake about those words! Yet as negative as the lyrics may be, the song is a total jam, carried by Marc's distinctively yawning voice, the song's breezy melody and the chords of the lady wailing 'whoah-whoah, oh-oh-oh' on backup vocals all throughout. The 'Blue Monday Mix' is particularly cool (like that beat drop at the very beginning) while the 7+ minute ' Elon's House Dub ' gives you plenty of extra groove to move to:

1. Fake (Radio)
2. Fake (X.Tended)
3. Fake (Blue Monday Mix)
4. Fake (Elon's House Dub)
5. Fake (Elon's Hard Dub)

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