Wednesday, September 10, 2014

André De Lange-Worth The Wait (1996)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 10, 2014

I couldn't wait to start blogging about my latest music discovery; turns out I didn't have to wait very long at all. It was only a couple of days ago when I got acquainted with the South African-born, Swedish r&b singer André De Lange. Just somebody else new to me that I randomly hand-picked from a music catalog and decided it would be something cool to jam to.... Well, okay, so maybe it wasn't just some arbitrary hand-picking that took place, as many of you well know that I have a special attraction to the Swedish artists, not to mention r&b music by male vocalists from the early to mid-90' an increasing affinity for the South African performers themselves. So then, with André De Lange, I get just about everything I like and more in one marvelously soulful package on his debut solo album, "Worth The Wait". Is listening to something three times, then halfway through a fourth time, an indication of music addiction? I think so! Having one of the most delightfully soothing voices I've heard this month, André provides the easy smooth for whatever upbeat, downbeat, breakbeat or backbeat groove that comes your way, beginning with the lovely, slow-moving opener, "Only Good Love"—'can lift you up and see you through', finishing André's idea in his lyrics. From that point forward, the music only keeps shining and kept me smiling (a little reverse play on the memorable lyrics to Dionne Warwick and company's "That's What Friends Are For"). Jazzed up nicely is the heavenly jam, "Heaven Sent"—the lady whom André sings about, of course, and what makes this one even more heavenly is the 5+ minute 'VdB Clubmix' that's been added to this album as a little bonus somethin' somethin' for your listening pleasure. Funny that I should mention "That's What Friends Are For", because THE song that's kept me smiling and shining pretty much all morning and into my afternoon is Track #3's "A Friend". A really, really awesome song! You gotta dig the beat, the melody, his amazing voice, the sweet background vocals and the lyrics (particularly the words he throws at you in the second verse: 'people seem to treat you so cold, the way they smile in your face and talk behind your back'). Definitely gotta be included on my list of the greatest friend songs I've ever heard! And just as with "Heaven Sent", making this already awesome jam even more awesome is the mega-dancey 'C&J R&B Mix' found at the very end! It's that familiar old-school early 90's r&b groove featured on the title track afterwards that once again causes me to miss the music of the early 90's.....and every second of it truly is worth listening to. Then it's back to the jazz when the music livens up some more on "Such A Treasure" and "Don't Stop Believin'" (not a cover of the JOURNEY hit, as I'd heard on the job the other day, but a very nice tune nonetheless) before André comes your way with the mellowest of love songs on the chilled-out finger-snapper, "Love Of My Life" (love the instrumental melody provided by the piano/organ combo). All this raving talk, and I haven't even gotten to my #1 favorite on this album yet. I confidently award that deserving distinction to the bluesy number, "Him Or Me". Yeah, it's blues alright—for our honorary Swedish singer, that is, as he pretty much is giving his woman an ultimatum and asking her to choose to be with him or the other guy in the classic proverbial love triangle. So if you and your ears got about an hour of free time to give André's "Worth The Wait" your undivided attention, I promise you that every second of it will be worth your while:

1. Only Good Love
2. Heaven Sent
3. A Friend
4. Worth The Wait
5. Such A Treasure
6. Don't Stop Believin'
7. Love Of My Life
8. Wish Is My Command
9. Him Or Me
10. Child Again
11. In Time
12. A Friend (C&J R&B Mix)

*****BONUS TRACK*****

13. Heaven Sent (VdB Clubmix)

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