Friday, September 19, 2014

DREAM-It Was All A Dream (2001)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 19, 2014

Is this for real or it just another dream? Thought I would borrow a line from a favorite Cathy Dennis dance hit from the 90's to open up this review, because some of you pop lovers out there probably think you're dreaming, seeing the debut album by the girl group DREAM getting the spotlight of "The Music Spectrum"! But I assure you, "It Was All A Dream" is the real thing, and the reality is that it's a wonderful pop album that has remained hidden in pop music obscurity for too long! So after you're drawn into their dream world with the dreamy intro, the girls play a twist on the old quotation 'he loves me, he loves me not' on "He Loves U Not" by declaring the boy loves me, but loves you not—all with a catchy r&b rhythm that pop lovers will dig; it's no wonder it was one of the group's biggest hits! Although there's a pretty cool remix way at the end of this album, I much more prefer this non-mixed version, because I can really get into the beat. And that's why "This Is Me" is such a great jam—the beat, plus more melodic dreaminess, not to mention the flow of the lyrics. It's like another smart twist on another old quotation: 'that was then, this is now'. Instead, the girls are saying 'that was her, this is me', in regards to the guy wondering if the girl he used to be with will be like the girl he's currently with. I'd say it's a better hit than "He Loves U Not"! As painful as the words to the album's seventh track may be, grooving to the smooth music feels so good on the ears. I like the way 'pain-pain' is echoed by the backing vocals at the end of every second line of the verses and the main chorus. Then something else that's nice to groove to: "What We Gonna Do About Us?", the fast-paced tempo of the drum n' bass adding some glitz and flair to the music. My surprise of the day—actually, I should say, my surprise of yesterday, as I've listened to this album nearly twice now—was hearing the girls' seamless cover of NEW EDITION's "Mr. Telephone Man". A bit slower on the tempo, but that's to match the updated r&b trends of the late 90's/early 2000's. "Angel Inside" continues my streak of all of these beautiful songs about angels that I keep hearing while the tender sounds of "Miss You" is just a simple but beautiful song of sincerity that comes straight from the heart. And if you wanna dance, then you can get down with the girls on "Do You Wanna Dance?". A pop lover's dream—that's what this "It Was All A Dream" is, and even if some of you would love to have the real thing on CD, at least I've made your dreams come true in digital format:

1. It Was All A Dream (Intro)
2. He Loves U Not
3. In My Dreams
4. This Is Me
5. I Don't Like Anyone
6. Reality (Interlude)
7. Pain
8. When I Get There
9. What We Gonna Do About Us?
10. Jordan (Interlude)
11. Mr. Telephone Man
12. Angel Inside
13. Do You Wanna Dance?
14. Miss You
15. Our Prayer (Interlude)
16. How Long?
17. He Loves U Not (Remix)

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