Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FIVE-Five (1998)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 30, 2014

Then going from the LONDON BOYS back to some other familiar British boys..... It's always fun times digging up these old 90's boybands from my music collection—somebody's gotta keep 'em alive!—so I thought it would be nice to share my FIVE collection as well as my thoughts about them. Firstly, I always only can identify one of the guys of the group: Abs, whose "Abstract Theory" album I featured here some time ago. And is it 'FIVE' or '5IVE'? Personally, I like the stylizing of the latter, but since the cover of their self-titled debut is spelled like the former, I just went with that. It's amazing how some of their songs here that were my favorites way back when are still my favorites now: "When The Lights Go Out" (I was always hooked to the way they sing 'baby when the lights go out' in the main chorus), their sublime r&b cover of HUMAN LEAGUE's "Human" (they call it 'The Five Remix', with their fresh revamped lyrics, and the groove is so amazing!), "That's What You Told Me" (I'll never forget the way they shouted the words in this song's title right at the very beginning, plus that snazzy whirring sound effect infused into the beat) and the edgy sound of the break-up song, "It's All Over" (still a jam!). And it's equally amazing how I'd forgotten quite a few of these jams, but was quick to re-embrace them: "Slam Dunk Da Funk", "Partyline", the rockin' "Everybody Get Up" (I really like this one now, seeing how it samples Joan Jett's "I Love Rock & Roll") and "Straight Up Funk", which samples another 80's classic—NU SHOOZ's "I Can't Wait". Common theme here? In the spirit of 90's hip-hop, there's some great rapping and rhyming sprinkled all throughout these jams, with one of my favorite lines appearing on "It's All Over" when one of the boys throws down with the line 'just like a whack track, you can't get with this'. Beneath all of the in-you-face pop/rap are a couple of nice mellow tunes I must've missed out on completely, or maybe didn't find all that thrilling at first: "Until The Time I Through" and "Satisfied" (sweet young harmony on the former; a very laid-back, easy-flowing groove on the later). And I totally forgot about the 'hidden track' awaiting at the tail end of "My Song" called "Switch". Like the other funky, upbeat jams on this album, "Switch" keeps that funk party alive and well. Thankfully, yours truly has taken the liberty of removing all of the silent tracks that came before it as a result of the original CD rip for your convenience. In addition to that, I've also included a trio of remixes found on select singles, with the ultra-trancey 6+ minute 'Candy Girls Vocal Club Mix' leading the pack:

1. Slam Dunk Da Funk
2. When The Lights Go Out
3. Everybody Get Up
4. Got The Feelin'
5. It's The Things You Do
6. Human [The Five Remix]
7. Until The Time Is Through
8. Satisfied
9. Partyline
10. That's What You Told Me
11. It's All Over
12. Don't You Want It?
13. Shake
14. Cold Sweat
15. Straight Up Funk
16. My Song
17. Switch [Hidden Track]

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

18. Slam Dunk (Da Funk) [Candy Girls Vocal Club Mix]
19. When The Lights Go Out [Blacksmith R&B Rub]
20. Got The Feelin' [Extended]

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