Thursday, September 25, 2014

IT TAKES PRESIDENTS-God Bless You Harmony (1990)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 25, 2014

It takes two to tango, as the old saying goes, but all you need is one to dance in celebration, which you just might be doing once your eyes set upon the latest gem from my treasure chest of golden oldies! "God Bless You Harmony", the first and only known album released by the German duo that called itself IT TAKES PRESIDENTS, has become so extremely rare that you probably couldn't even find a respectable biography about them in even the most comprehensive database! But that's okay, because I've elected myself to make the executive decision to have the wonderful words that I will soon have to say about them and their music serve as that respectable biography in its place! Take any one of this album's catchy tunes, and you will surely dredge up those old childhood memories of listening to late-80's/early-90's synthpop! Shall I just go ahead and jump right to my favorites? Well see, that's a problem, because every one of these is a favorite and, in my humble opinion, a hit, beginning with the opener, "What We Do Best". Guarantee you'll be singing along to the main chorus of this one in no time flat! Wish I had the individual names of these guys for you—these things have a way of being forgotten over time—so I could tell you which one has that great voice that I found so attractive the moment the singing started—light and melodious one moment; strong and charismatic the next. And what is it that he does best anyway? Make love, as the lyrics go, and you can pretty much figure out the rest. The title track that comes shortly thereafter is one of the duo's most interesting offerings. I remember it took me several listens to grasp what he's preaching about; actually, I never quite grasped those interesting lyrics, as I was too busy enjoying the beat so much. Well, let's just say that the song is a blessing for the ears! If that one doesn't get your attention, then just glancing at the third one called "Sting Of A Wedding Ring" will. Ouch—sounds like a bad marriage that's going up in flames, doesn't it? "Feel For Love" is another reason why I can't stop adoring the awesome sounds of my childhood—those simple love songs that are so easy to pick up and go with. Ah, if there's one that deserves its own spotlight on the center stage, it would be "Stop Me From Cheating", because this one's jazzed up so nicely, and sometimes that's all I need. And just how do you stop somebody from cheating on you? You can't really, but loving them right is a good way to start, as my interpretation of the lyrics goes. You might get lost inside of yourself taking in the great pop energy to both "Lose It Tonight" and "No Limits" (no limits on love, that is, and here's another that'll have you singing along to it in no time, especially the part of the chorus where the backup singers g0 'no-no-no limit') while you might feel a bit lost putting yourself in the shoes of the songwriter on the heartbreaking "25 Hours Away" (jeez, that's a pretty long drive—on the other side of the map even!) and the magical "Save My Soul". Then like every good pop album should, this musical blessing concludes in stunning fashion with the German duo's epic performance of "Hey Lord". It may have taken two presidents to carry out these tunes back in 1990, but it only took one to re-initiate that carrying-out process here in 2014:

1. What We Do Best
2. God Bless You Harmony
3. Sting Of A Wedding Ring
4. Feel For Love
5. Stop Me From Cheating
6. Lose It Tonight
7. No Limits
8. 25 Hours Away
9. Save My Soul
10. Hey Lord

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