Tuesday, September 30, 2014

LONDON BOYS-Love 4 Unity (1993)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 30, 2014

From the RIVER BOYS of Germany back to the other side of the river bank with the LONDON BOYS—my continued explorations into the thrilling world of Europop and Eurodance took a wild turn upon my revelation that the late duo's discography extended beyond just their first and second albums, "The Twelve Commandments Of Dance" and "Sweet Soul Music". So me getting my hands on their third, "Love 4 Unity", was like an automatic reflex; absolutely no thought was necessary! Remembering all of the things I'd loved about the LONDON BOYS—the catchy hooks, the simple beats, their singing in unison, their fun lyrics and their free-spirited, happy-go-lucky personalities altogether—had already gotten me excited about tuning in to this album, and writing about it here and now has maintained that excitement—for the next several days, knowing how I tend to stay addicted to this kind of music. Couldn't help but to jump at the bit to think the opener, "Baby Come Back", would be a cool dance cover of the PLAYERS' soft rock radio classic. Definitely not the case, but it's still a great, energetic way to kick things off. And with the opener, I determined that this 90's HI-NRG production is much different than the Italo-disco sound that I'd become accustomed to, although it still fits the guys' music style. Wasn't expecting such an earth-shaking concept song on "I Have A Dream", but that's exactly what it felt like taking in all of the audio excerpts from the famous "I Have A Dream" speech given by the late Civil Rights leader, Dr. Marin Luther King. Definitely a song to unite the peoples of this world. There's even a cool beat and a nice melody behind Dr. King's sermon, which makes this one really enjoyable. 'We need love, peace.....' Sounds like a continuation of the "I Have A Dream" speech, but but much happier times on "Philadelphia '69". It's these cheery tunes with the sweet melodies and the lofty, unified voices that remind me why I love THE LONDON BOYS so much! I've already made up in my mind that it's going to be added to my 'Favorites' playlist. I like the boys' senseless antics—not to mention their European accents—on the bubblegum track, "Knock, Knock, Knock"; who says that love songs can't be funny? Makes me think about all of those musicians who performed those silly sing-along songs live on those old PBS children's television programs back in the day. Guess I kinda got lost in the HI-NRG beats on "Moonraker", "We're Calling The World" and "My Prayer", because I really couldn't tell what the boys were singing about. I especially was swallowed up inside the latter two (like that little suspenseful "Phantom Of The Opera" effect going on with "My Prayer"), as the hooks of their respective main choruses have this thunderously epic vibe about them. I could almost say that "Dreams Of Glory" is pretty epic itself, like it could be the motivational theme song for the Olympics or for a sports team's championship run. If nothing else, it too is a glorious listen! But the song here on "Love 4 Unity" that would 100% hands down have to be THE most glorious of them all also happens to be the slowest track of them all: "Oh, Tracy", the duo's greatest ballad since that other memorable one about a woman called "Sandra". That twinkly, bedtime lullaby melody is so sweet on the ears and totally captures the starry romancing of the lyrics. So glad that I could show some more love for THE LONDON BOYS, because I am now so in love with their "Love 4 Unity" album:

1. Baby Come Back
2. I Have A Dream
3. Philadelphia '69
4. Knock, Knock, Knock
5. Moonraker
6. Oh, Tracy
7. We're Calling The World
8. Dreams Of Glory
9. Walk On By
10. My Prayer
11. 2 Beautiful View Of The Earth

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