Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Michael Morales-Michael Morales (1989)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 23, 2014

Great vocals, great rock guitars, great hooks, and simple lyrics: it's what I like about the awesome 80's, and it's what I like about the terrific remake of THE ROMANTICS' memorable hit, "What I Like About You", performed by a voice who's brand new to my music catalog: Michael Morales. Liked it so much that I've already listened to it twice! Well, the song is—and has always been and will forever be—a fun listen: that catchy, punk-inspired sound mixed in with a bit of that 60's psychedelia..... A very cool way to proclaim that you're in love with someone, this classic is. Always makes me wanna dance! But now that I've heard this Michael Morales remake, I'm liking this 1989 version a lot more than the 1979 original because the vocals are so fabulous! And that's not the only thing I like about his self-titled debut, as practically every single cut is noteworthy of some fond appreciation. "Who Do You Give Your Love To?" surely could've been a tune that I heard years and years ago on the airwaves; it just has that cool, made-for-radio vibe that characterizes so much of the music from my favorite decade, me liking especially the fade-in vocal effects during the intro. The power-rockin' charge of "Eighteen" makes the album's third track so easy to get into. And the lyrics are catchy, too—almost rather humorous, actually—as he describes how he's in love with a woman, only to learn the shocking truth that she's too young for him.....or is she? I know of an excellent song that the 80's lovers will crave: "I Don't Know". And I've since forgotten the lyrics, so I know that I'll be listening to it again. I just know that the music and Michael's voice sound absolutely superb all throughout! The music's still flyin' high on "Cry Cry Cry" (I like that part when he sings 'you better stop', which is followed up by the sudden beat drop for cool effect) and "Romeo" and " I Only Want To Look In Your Eyes" (put a mental bookmark by this dazzling beauty, as this jam is one you'll want to come back to later!) on to "Hey Lori!" and another favorite of mine, "Way To Go Baby" (I just like the sarcasm of the title and Michael's words when he asks 'are you happy now?' as a result of his emotions being messed around with). So many songs to like on this album and so many different ways to say it—I'd like to recommend a listening of them yourself, then you just might start liking this Michael Morales guy as much as I have started to:

1. I Don't Want You No More
2. Who Do You Give Your Love To?
3. Eighteen
4. I Don't Know
5. Cry, Cry, Cry
6. Romeo
7. What I Like About You
8. I Only Want To Look In Your Eyes
9. Hey Lori!
10. Way To Go Baby
11. Won't You Come Home

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