Sunday, September 28, 2014

RIVER BOYS-The River Boys (1991)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 28, 2014

Like the calming flow of the waters of a sparkling stream, such is the way the music goes by the German duo that fittingly called itself THE RIVER BOYS. I really felt like I was in paradise, as part the lyrics go on the opener, "If I Were A Sailor", where I got immediately attached to the cool, dreamy vocals of the two singers. And that caused me to think about Paul McCartney and THE BEATLES and any number of those gentle-voiced male singers/groups from the past. You could sail right along and listen to this album straight on through, but I feel that the album's beautiful eighth track, "Blue Lagoon", should've been the one to come right after. It sounds nearly identical to "If I Were A Sailor" in so many ways; I declared it as 'the companion song' because of that. I'm always one for those mellow tonalities and dreamy melodies, and "Blue Lagoon" has all of that! Just makes me want to lean back in a big comfortable chair and drift off to sleep with it. But should you listen to this album in its intended order, you're in for a quick treat when you get to the German duo's marvelous cover of the 1974 classic, "Seasons In The Sun". Took me a moment or two, but once I took in those familiar poetically romantic words 'we had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun', I instantly remembered it! There's even some familiarity about "Always Be Free" that I couldn't put my finger on; I bet it too is a golden oldie recorded way back when. Very nice acoustics on the guitar, which create even more of that dreamy melodic ambiance that I like. Many of you easy-listening radio fans will enjoy the lofty sounds of "Flying Horses" and "Fly Like An Eagle"; these both are like tailor-made for the adult contemporary FM airwaves, with me liking the former especially because of it's upbeat 80's vibe. Flying even higher is the spirited, down-to-earth tune, "House At The End Of The Street", before this river of the music concludes on a peaceful note with the perfect romantic lullaby, "Goodnight Lady". Just got my feet wet with this German duo, and I'm already ready to dive in deeper:

1. If I Were A Sailor
2. Flying Horses
3. Seasons In The Sun
4. Still Lovin' You
5. Always Be Free
6. Fly Like A Eagle
7. After All This Time
8. Blue Lagoon
9. House At The End Of The Street
10. Goodnight Lady

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