Sunday, September 28, 2014

RIVER BOYS-Twilight Moon (1993)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 28, 2014

For those of you who've already run the course with THE RIVER BOYS and their self-titled debut, I dare not to leave you 'wading in the waters', so to speak. So I continue charting upstream with their second one, "Twilight Moon".....and only minutes before mid-night here in my neck of the woods, no less! Except for perhaps a little more of that lively late-80's/early 90's rock spirit, this German duo didn't change their style much with this excellent batch of easy-listening tunes, keeping things calm, cool and collected once again on. If it's those lush, slow-moving numbers that getcha, you'll be all swallowed up in the airy, ambient flow to "Vision In Blue" (this is like THE perfect summer breeze tune, one that you could ride in the car with for miles and miles until the sun sets), "Written In My Heart" (almost no beat at all taking in this three short minutes of pleasant vocals), "Pourin' Rain" and the concluding cut, "When The Sun Shines", which I declared was the 'companion song' to "Written In My Heart" because of its striking similarities in terms of rhythm and arrangement. But f you more so prefer to ride the rapids, you'll get your kicks when your ears take in the album's upbeat selections, beginning with the opener, "(Don't Fear) The Reaper". For me, there was some instant music addiction in the makings only seconds into the mellow offerings "No More Tears" (given the title, the lyrics are ironically still somewhat on the sad and blue side), "Mystery Games", "Anytime At All" (I just keep on lovin' these simple n' sweet love songs) and my eventual #1 favorite, "Gimme Love" (a terrific, almost magical 80's-inspired hook is all I needed to stay wrapped up inside of this beauty!). It's a wonder that, after only two short years of album releases, these RIVER BOYS had already gotten lost in the sea of obscurity in the pop music world and limited themselves to outside-the-studio performances, as detailed in their biography at Because quite honestly, there's nothing that the easy-listening music lover in me has disliked about their sound in just the few short hours I've been acquainted with them, and nothing that should've kept the German duo from flooding the music markets well into the latter part of that decade and beyond:

1. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
2. No More Tears
3. Mystery Games
4. Your Love
5. Pourin' Rain
6. Anytime At All
7. Vision In Blue
8. Gimme Love
9. Written In My Heart
10. We've Got Tonight
11. You Can Count On Me
12. When The Sun Shines

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