Thursday, September 4, 2014

SIX WAS NINE-Let It Come Your Way (1994)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 4, 2014

Yeah, I did let it come my way, actually.....referring to this second studio album by the German pop/soul group SIX WAS NINE. And I'm very grateful to have received it, too—a terrific listen all around! I immediately had to stop and think for a minute upon taking in the opener, "Drop Dead Beautiful". Something sooooooooo familiar about it. Pretty sure there was a boyband who performed the exact same song with the exact same lyrics, but as usual, I can't put my finger on these things. But I know I've heard it like a gazillion times. Oh, and those lyrics? They're my favorite part about the song, talking about a guy who finds his best friend's woman irresistible. Imagine all of the trouble that can erupt from that! It's a soul/funk party on the follow-up, "Will It Go Round In Circles?", with some great vocals to boot. I particularly like the 'whoo-whoo' of the backup singers and that part where the group's lead singer goes 'bow bow yippie yay, yow yow' (seems I hear that quite a lot in in the pop music world). The album's third track is a real nice gem: "Surprise, Surprise". That old-school groove and just the way the song moves—totally sublime, although the lyrics themselves are rather saddening, as the analogy 'rain pouring from my eyes' tells you. I love that beat drop right before that straining soulful voice lets the emotions run out, followed by the 'surprise, surprise' as the song enters the main chorus. And that angel of a lady singing along with him and in the background all throughout? She sounds so lovely and complements the delicate melody beautifully. A couple of times, my listening senses were jump-started by the always-pleasurable sounds of jazz in the production: first on "Don't Let Your Heart Turn To Stone" (and I'd even get treated to a long extended instrumental in the closeout moments), then again on the album's brilliant title track—upbeat and jazzed up with the blaring horns and trumpets just the way I like it! Then there's a couple of other selections I praise because of the songwriter's creative way with words: "Broken China" (in his mind, that's what the love is like between him in his woman: impossible to mend) and the slow number "Love Don't Love Nobody" (that title had piqued my interest the instant my eyes scanned it). And a couple of tunes that were very nice on my ears: "Sweet Child" (this one gets sweeter as the music moves along as the singer's voice becomes just a little more than a tender touch) and another favorite of mine, "This Time Tomorrow" (I like that unified humming by the backup choir). But there's one cut here that had made my second tour with SIX WAS NINE complete, and that's their wonderful remake of THE SPINNERS' classic, "Rubberband Man". While listening to this, I had finally recalled this was the song where I'd remembered hearing that unmistakable 'doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo' that always made me think about another old-school classic that kept playing on my favorite soft rock radio channel: "Love The One You're With". So now that I've come your way with yet another music goodie, I strongly recommend that you get it now while it's fresh, because albums like these don't come your way very often:

1. Drop Dead Beautiful
2. Will It Go Round In Circles?
3. Surprise, Surprise
4. Don't Let Your Heart Turn To Stone
5. Love Don't Love Nobody
6. Let It Come Your Way
7. She Belongs With Me
8. Sweet Child
9. Rubberband Man
10. This Time Tomorrow
11. Broken China
12. Don't Say You Love Me

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