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WA WA NEE-Blush (1989)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 14, 2014

Dare I post such a great, memorable album, then leave everyone hanging in suspense in anticipation for WA WA NEE's second? Technically, 1989's "Blush" is the Aussie band's third, as there was a remix album sandwiched in between called "Ulta Mixes", which I never got my hands on. Speaking of never getting my hands on something..... That's exactly what didn't happen with the trio of singles—and their accompanying B-side tracks—from "Blush", and to this very moment, that remains as my only real regret. Otherwise, this album gets awarded the prized 'Perfect 80's Album' seal of approval! It's a good sign when something recorded more than two decades ago still sounds soooooooooooo good in the year 2014! So I thought it would be appropriate that I start off my rave reviews with the album's second track coincidentally entitled "So Good", a big-time WA WA NEE hit back in the day for sure! And here's where much of that regret lies: I love the groovy beat so much that I could dance to it, yet I only managed to end up with the 6+ minute 'Umbrella Of Love Remix' from select 12-inch versions of the standalone singles. Make sure you add this jam to your 'Favorites Mix'! Sadly, no remixes either of the catchy opener, "Can't Stop Myself", but I can always take a few rounds of this other big-time WA WA NEE hit and extend my listening pleasure for as long as I want! I particularly like that deep, throaty voice contrasting with Paul Grey's wailing all throughout the song, with one of my favorite lines from the lyrics being 'somebody's gotta stop me from lookin' at other women'. I wouldn't slip off those dancing shoes after the first two cuts, because you gotta get some more groove on with "Giving Everything" and "One Day", the latter which I admire because it's a very simple but very nice love song—'one day I'll find her'—a signature aspect of the memorable 80's. The Aussie bunch really funks things up on "I Want You", especially in that brilliant intro (wow!). Again, a very simple love song that gets right to the point, but boy does it sure pack a lot of punch! "Brite Lites" is another bright spot on this album; it's all about the great sound, with a really cool rock instrumental bridging the gap between the beginning and the ending movements. Then from bright spots to sweet spots, you have the tender slow tune "Never Been In Love", the elegant title track (I give special recognition to this one because of the soft piano jazzing things up, plus a couple of humorous moments heard at the end with that deep-throated voice again chanting 'blush', followed by the wild raucous of a party going on in the background) and the supremely beautiful gem "Tossing And Turning", where the songwriter confesses that love's heavy on his mind (it's the ambiance created by the ocean breezes, the splashing water and that delicate piano that makes this one so sweet!). But no more tossing and turning for the WA WA NEE fans; "Blush" is finally here and I'm more than happy to share:

1. Can't Control Myself
2. So Good
3. Giving Everything
4. One Day
5. Never Been So In Love
6. I Want You
7. Brite Lites
8. Do It To Me
9. Moral Inspiration
10. Blush
11. Tossing And Turning

*****BONUS TRACK*****

12. So Good [Umbrella Of Love Remix]

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