Friday, October 3, 2014

BROTHER 2 BROTHER-So Many Roads (1996)


There were so many possible roads I could've traveled in order to continue my music explorations tonight, but I had such an awesome time reliving the best of that British boyband bunch that I decided to have a heart to heart with a couple of other boys—Aaron McCormack and Leon McCormack, better known together as BROTHER 2 BROTHER. And that's as much I found out about them—courtesy of the Discogs database— as their nationality, music backgrounds and whatever else I'd like to know about them appears to be unknown. So for the musical cyber-sleuths out there who like a good mystery, this one's for you. Then as for the tunes here on the duo's 1996 debut album? Well, that's all for me! .....And for everyone else who likes the easy-listening side of pop, I'd imagine. The journey begins with the cooled-down, romantic r&b opener, "Missing The Nights", which is one gem on this album you surely will not want to miss out on! And I feel like I am already 'missing' the corresponding four-track single that I know was made from it, because the instrumental that is listed as being part of that single would surely have been a welcome addition to my listening library. Yeah, sometimes I just want it all like that! The guys waste no time at all in following up that one with a king-sized mega-jam of their own: "I'll Be There". So coincidental that the brothers recorded an original song with their own original lyrics, but with the exact same title as so many other "I'll Be There" songs that I've been tuning into or thinking about lately, including Mariah Carey's cover of the familiar 1970 JACKSON FIVE classic and the inspirational ballad by Melanie Thornton and the Eurodance group LA BOUCHE. Put to a groovy Eurodisco beat, and I was immediately hooked! A hot seven-minute long remix for this one—now there's something that that's missing! At this point, the album goes on downshift for a while as the brothers begin to deliver a series of tunes that truly captivate the heart, beginning with "Heart Of A Man"—a nice song of wisdom and meaning that I believe is geared towards the fathers and the sons. Some of that magical romancing presented on the opener, "Missing The Nights", is served up again on a few more of this album's sweetest moments: "Both Belong" (a potential wedding song or a song about two lovers being destined to be together—this one's appropriate for either occasion), "I'll Be Waiting" (you can just feel the music on this one breathing into your soul), the title track itself (I highlight this one because of the lyrics) and the warming acoustic guitar dedication that is the concluding piece, "How Wonderful You Are" (an excellent place to have front row seats for taking in the duo's tender voices). And just as I crowned so many of my favorite jams on those FIVE albums with a head of gold fit for a king, I bestow the golden crown this time on Track #10's "Draw The Line", because the jazzing-up of the melody along with the cool beat is just great on so many levels:

1. Missing The Nights
2. I'll Be There
3. Heart Of A Man
4. Never A Good Time
5. Both Belong
6. I'll Be Waiting
7. Cry
8. So Many Roads
9. Words
10. Draw The Line
11. How Wonderful You Are

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