Thursday, October 30, 2014

DISCO 2008 (2008)


Has my hot streak of 'M' artists come to an end? Well, not exactly. Among the artists featured on this 2008 Ian Levine-produced compilation is a very familiar and lovable voice from the British boyband that called itself BAD BOYS INC.: Matthew James Pateman. So, I must confess that it was Pateman's offering, "Break These Chains", that had been the sole reason that I wanted this "Disco 2008". I always like to make sure I get a good-quality version of a song I really like in whatever way possible. Most guys with high voices in the dance music genre appeal to me, and that's my main attraction to "Break These Chains". Then, of course, there's the groovy disco beat and the minor tonality of the melody. Couldn't help but to play it about three or four times for myself in the past couple of days, and each time I do, I feel like I'm listening to BAD BOYS INC. all over again. Kinda interesting that I make that remark, given that the British boyband had even covered an old disco hits on their self-titled debut: Donna Summer's "Heaven Knows" (and I absolutely adore that cover, too!). Though Pateman isn't the only 'M' artist on this compilation; there's a Martina Barnett and her selection entitled "Stepping Out Of Style", plus a Malinda Banks and her offering called "Your Key Won't Fit In My Door" (I thought these lyrics were cute, talking about all of the different things that ain't gonna work to try to get her love back). The latter song, by the way, is one in a trio of bonus extras that came from the album's accompanying exclusive DVD—the other two being Louise Thomas' "Right Left And Centre" and Donna Williams' "Let Me Be A Sinner" (I like that line in the lyrics 'only bad girls make their dreams come true'). Some nice disco jams, yet I have no idea who those ladies are! And that's pretty much the tale of this whole tape—an assortment of unfamiliar artists and their boogie contributions. Well, not all of them are unfamiliar. Tina Charles: I've heard of her before, but don't recall listening to her very much. Hazell Dean: I've come to know the former PWL icon her very well these past months, finally having gotten into her music after not knowing her at all back in the 80's. And Gee Morris: Thanks to my affiliate blog, "The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars", I was reminded that she was the voice fronting the British r&b group called INNOCENCE, whom I'd gotten a taste of some years back listening to "Natural Thing" from the group's "Belief" album. But with any of these sorts of compilations, it's always a great opportunity to get introduced to some new music. I may opt to hear more of Deanne Keanne's "Right Place Wrong Time" (instant fave!), Shelia Ferguson's "Fool Of The Year" (these bold, big-voiced divas are always a turn on) and Angie Gold's mega-groovy "No Pain No Gain" (not a cover of the Betty Wright soul classic, but the bumpin' bass and the Spanish lyrics made up for any disappointment!). And a surprise treat for me was "Run For The Exit", recorded by the legendary 60's group THE FLIRTATIONS, whose name I didn't recognize at first until I looked them up and realized that they were still actively recording in the New Millennium! "Run For The Exit" has got that disco/vintage girl group combination going on that makes it such a joy to listen to, especially considering my ears have still been taking in the retro tunes. That's all from the ladies' side; even more new music to look forward to after hearing a few selections from the men's side other than Pateman's "Break These Chains". George Daniel Long's "What Makes A Man A Man" deserves special mention because it's a fun and unique combination I've never heard before: opera and disco. Maybe George is an opera singer for real? His operatic style causes the music to have a theatrical vibe about it while still being something to get down and dance to at the same time. Favored Angelo Starr's "There's A Storm Coming On" because of Angelo's big booming voice. And it's the high voice of Gerod Harris that attracts me to his "Hanging On To A Memory". With each of these twenty-seven tracks averaging around three minutes long, it may seem that you've ordered a bunch of appetizers instead of entrees off the menu, but there's plenty of sugar and spice and other things nice that makes this "Disco 2008" dance party a delicious delicacy:

1. Deanne Keanne - Right Place Wrong Time
2. Steve Brookstein - Head Over Heels
3. Sheila Ferguson - Fool Of The Year
4. Vanessa Haynes - Reflections In A Broken Mirror
5. George Daniel Long - What Makes A Man A Man
6. Hazell Dean - Trade Him For A Newer Model
7. Angelo Starr - There's A Storm Coming On
8.Pearly Gates - Days In New York
9. Tina Charles - Hide And Seek
10. Noel McKoy - Chasing Illusions
11. Voices With Soul - From Now On
12. Gerod Harris - Hanging On To A Memory
13. Ebony Alleyne - Whistle For A Ride
14. Martina Barnett - Stepping Out Of Style
15. Angie Gold - No Pain No Gain
16. Gee Morris - Fix My Mascara
17. Matthew James Pateman - Break These Chains
18. The Flirtations - Run For The Exit
19. Patrick Rose - Fork In The Road
20. Joycelyn Phillips - Insurance Policy
21. Tahira Jumah & Fay Jones - It's An Ill Wind (That Blows No Good)
22. The McKoy Sisters - Love Payment Overdue
23. Odette Adams - Beat Of My Heart
24. Rebecca Chandler - Second Hand Guy
25. Louise Thomas - Right Left And Centre
26. Malinda Banks - Your Key Won't Fit My Door
27. Donna Williams - Let Me Be A Sinner

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