Tuesday, October 7, 2014

GIBSON BROTHERS-Blue Island (2005)


You'll have no feelings of sadness and despair whatsoever when you set sail and land upon the shores of "Blue Island", the adventurous album by the famed disco group, THE GIBSON BROTHERS. It's more like Treasure Island!!! Although the trio's origins date back to as early as way back in 1979 (hey, that's the year I was born!), I honestly didn't really get hip to any of their music until well after the New Millennium. And it wasn't very much music, either; in fact, I probably was only slightly familiar with just one of their most-recognized hits: "Cuba" (all I remember is that catchy hook where they sing 'Cuba', followed by some other Spanish words). So then, it somehow seems fitting that the trio's only album to be released into this New Millennium would officially mark my very first time listening to them for real.....and even more fitting that this album would have so many different ingredients that I savor when it comes to music—all blended together! First, there's that exciting Eurodisco element, which the dance music fanatic in me will never give up! Then a side dish accompanying that tasty element is that bubblegum pop style, which consists of those happy, carefree lyrics—sometimes humorous, sometimes completely senseless—that'll put a smile on anybody's face. Soulicious voices (I've been using that word 'soulicious' so much that it may as well be added to the Webster's dictionary) will make any song pleasing on the ears. And perhaps my most savory element of them all: Latin rhythms with some Spanish lyrics top it all off! So this "Blue Island" adventure is virtually a bombastic salsa fiesta where every jam is nothing but an exhilarating groove party! The good times kick off with the bouncy love song, "Señorita Bonita", and never let up afterwards! Well, maybe briefly, as the beats slow down for the soothing guitar-driven piece, "Every Time You Said 'Te Quiero' ''. But after that, the party keeps right on going! Some of my other favorite destinations on this fun-filled island: "Baila Mi Ritmo" (love that classy, old-school-sounding arrangement of the horns; makes me think about the Big Band Era), "Solo Por Ti", "Lisa From Ibiza" (one of the most attractive spots on this island with its entertaining lyrics, particularly the line the backup vocalists sing during the beat drop where they shout the names of all of those women, all of them rhyming: Anita, Pepita, Magarita. Chiquita.....) and the title track itself, where the African vocals chanting in the background give the song a cool ceremonial vibe. Oh, and I can't forget to mention the trio's excellent remake of "Cuba"; I think it sounds a lot better than the original. Maybe it's because I'm from the younger generation and have gotten used to this modern dance productions? Perhaps the only destination spot without any Latin influence is the offering called "Ready To Win". With the ambiance of an arena crowd cheering in the background and the sports theme of the lyrics, it makes me wonder "Ready To Win" had been used to motivate a team for some athletic competition? Highly doubtful, given the song's bubbly beat, but for fans of bubblegum Eurodance music, it's a definite crowd-pleaser:

1. Señorita Bonita
2. Blue Island
3. Mambolé
4. Cuba
5. La Noche Loca
6. Every Time You Said ''Te Quiero''
7. Baila Mi Ritmo
8. Sunshine
9. Ready To Win
10. Big Bamboo
11. Solo Por Ti
12. Qué Será Mi Vida
13. Lisa From Ibiza

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