Monday, October 6, 2014

Little Louie & Marc Anthony-When The Night Is Over (1991)


I've been up all night tuning into a lot of old tunes—among doing other things—and my night still ain't over yet! Ironically, the next item from my collection I have up for grabs bears the title "When The Night Is Over", a collaborative effort between MASTERS AT WORK producer Little Louie Vega and renowned Latin salsa music phenom Marc Anthony. of the best house/club producers in the music business with one of the best voices in the music business? That formula can only equal one thing: music explosion! The duo are definitely masters of their game right off the bat on the groovy dance opener, "Ride On The Rhythm". That thrilling house sound from the 90's house era—gotta love it! How will you ride with it? In the car? At the office? On a morning run? Or it even sounds great just sitting in the seat of a living room chair with some headphones draped around your ears. But it was definitely meant for the dance floor! Though the joyride doesn't end there; you'll get your chance to get your groove on and bust some moves on the dance floor again on "Let Me Love You" and my favorite cut, "It's Alright", which is like THE ultimate dance feel-gooder! It'll surely make you wish Eurodance of the 90's were still here! Doesn't the production remind you of Lisa Stansfield's "This Is The Right Time" (yeah, that was a great dance jam, too!)? Some great rap being thrown down Doug E. Fresh throughout to add some hip to the hop. And speaking of 'the right time', now is a good time to fall in love with the music on Track #9's Latin salsa-inspired Freestyle jam simply called "Time". Well, you get a small taste of that salsa during the instrumental bridge, but a big helping of those infectious Freestyle beats that this style of music is loved and recognized for. Some mighty cool mastery going on the production—namely on the bongo drums and the keyboards—on the next feel-good house-thriller, "The Masters At Work". Not surprising there's a nearly all-instrumental track with this title on this album, as I'm sure Little Louie wanted to flex his muscles and really show off some of that mixing talent of his. He actually shows them off twice, as that that joyride that started with "Ride On The Rhythm" has a second part to it simply entitled "Ride" that features nothing but 6+ minutes of rhythm and beat that you really could ride to all day long. Not to be lost within the high-energy mix are the selection of backup vocalists who join in with Marc all throughout, providing an explosively soulful boost to the ending movements of the mid-tempo r&b title track (there's a lady here in particular who shines above them all with her piercing chords, and I love the accompanying horns that tack on an extra-jazzy touch amidst the funk!) while adding in some extra spice to the straight-up pop numbers "Name Of The Game" and "Living In A Strange World". Hidden among all of the dance excitement is the slow gem that sparkles more than anything else: "Walk Away". This is a fantastic song where Marc lets those amazing vocals of his rip loud! Well, he does that everywhere else on this album, too, but these sad songs with the soft, somber melodies have a way of bringing out the inner passions from deep inside of a singer's soul, causing that voice to put forth those astounding vibrations. These are the types of songs that really get to me, so I felt, then, that "Walk Away" was a song just for me and my listening pleasure. Definitely one that is hard to 'walk away' from after your first time hearing it.....and you'll have plenty of time to ride around the block with it a few more times thereafter before your night is over:

1. Ride On The Rhythm
2. When The Night Is Over
3. Walk Away
4. If I Had The Opportunity
5. Let Me Love You
6. It's Alright
7. Name Of The Game
8. Living In A Strange World
9. Time
10. The Masters At Work
11. Ride

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