Friday, October 17, 2014

MAGNETIC PULSTAR-Secret Love (1996)


You might think you should be reading 'pulsar' instead of 'pulstar', but in an odd way, the latter works for the moniker of the German trance/electronic music team that called itself MAGNETIC PULSTAR. According to what I have read in astronomy, a 'pulsar' does deal in part with emitting radio waves (plus radiation, among other things). And besides, their music is likely to be heard on the electronic music channels in some parts of the world. Then to take it further, the production team probably already had considered themselves to be 'stars' of their genre professionally. So I would say that 'pulstar' demonstrates some pretty nifty wordplay on the team's part. Of their four known singles, the one I proudly have in my collection is 1996's "Secret Love", which could be seen as a thrilling trance remix of "Boadicea", one of the many beautiful songs recorded by New Age sensation, Enya. Fans of the Irish singer who know and love the primary arrangement of that song—that moody, haunting hum against the graceful, ambient rhythm—would surely recognize it here. In addition to the techie high-energy beat, you get some seductive spoken vocals by, presumably, the woman half-pictured on this single's cover artwork pictured above; I guess she represents the 'secret love'? If nothing else, it's something cool to add to your 'Energy Mix' (that's what I'm calling that special list within my list of favorites dedicated to trance, Eurodance and whatever else you'd classify as high-energy music), your 'Ambient Mix' (that's what I'm continuing to label for anything of the instrumental variety) or your 'Chill Mix' (and that's what I'm labeling for all songs that you can sink back and relax to). Maybe I shouldn't have made so many different mix playlists now, because I'm undecided as to which playlist to add this single to! Well, the 'Radio Version' and 'Extended Version' may be the most difficult, as they both start off nice and slow before the trance kicks in, while the 'Club Mix' is high energy from beginning to end. Either way, they're all sure to get the repeated listens that they deserve:

1. Secret Love [Radio Version]
2. Secret Love [Extended Version]
3. Secret Love [Club Mix]

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