Saturday, October 18, 2014

Marc Antoine-Mediterraneo (2003)


Here's something else from the 'M' entries in my music collection to help you smmmmmmmmmmmoth out your day (I purposely typed all of those ' M's ' for stylistic emphasis and to maintain the 'M' theme I got going on) . The France-born musician Marc Antoine is one of the many names in smooth jazz who got circulated on my hometown's short-lived 106.5 FM jazz station that debuted sometime around the early 2000's. And the selection of his that got airplay? "Mediterraneo", a beautiful tune with a contemporary r&b groove and a lovely guitar melody that truly does have that graceful, Mediterranean/Ibiza feel. And that would be the title track to Antoine's sixth solo album by the same title (I better add it to my 'Ambient Mix' before I forget). Other 'I-need-to-save-it-to-my-playlist' worthy tunes on this album include the uptempo, jazzed up opener, "Cubanova", and "Afromenco", where the trumpet really spices things up; "Preludio", where the happy overtures of the flute contrasts nicely with the strumming of the guitar; and the soothing acoustic slow piece, "Alejandro's Lullaby", which is a perfect ending to this album after all of the lively beats and rhythms that are heard before it.....and a perfect ending before you go to sleep at night. I'd like to elaborate on a thought I had while I was listening to "Mediterraneo" again: it occurred to me that the vast majority of the smooth jazz albums in my collection feature either the saxophone or the trumpet as the main instrument of choice. Those are very sexy instruments when it comes to jazz, but hearing these eleven songs reminds me that the guitar can be a very sexy instrument, too:

1. Cubanova
2. Funky Picante
3. Mediterraneo
4. Preludio
5. Castellana Hood
6. Afromenco
7. Señor Groove
8. Gotham
9. Lady
10. Gringo
11. Alejandro's Lullaby

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