Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mark Medlock-Club Tropicana (2009)


Let's have another round of margaritas and pina coladas, shall we? That's because it's time to get down and celebrate when you enter through the doors of Mark Medlock's "Club Tropicana", the site of the most festive dance party you've had all week! This would've been THE perfect soundtrack to my summer, but even as it's fall now in my neck of the woods and things have started to cool down on the outside, the music here in the "Club Tropicana" sure heated things up! There'll be no feelings of sadness while getting your groove on to the opener, "Baby Blue"; nor on it's accompanying 'Calypso Mix' that's found at the end of this special fifteen-track edition. I had actually listened to both versions back to back, and then right after that, I skipped ahead again and helped myself to the "Summer-Hit-Medley" at the very end, which is something that you can really get down and party with! Rightfully included in that endless summer medley is a favorite of mine from that wonderful "Cloud Dancer" album—"Summer Love" (I was totally pumped about that!)—plus, "Baby Blue" and the lively track that follows it: "Mamacita" (these Latin-flavored dance tracks with the Spanish lyrics do it to me every time). And even more Spanish on the happy number "Qué Será" ('what will be, will be', as that old phrase goes), which is the first track with a hint of reggae bounce in the beat. But it's the other two upbeat reggae cuts where this soulicious German star shines even brighter: "Put A Smile On Your Face" (well, I myself was smiling all the way through this sunny song) and "Wild Wild World", which is the sunniest moment for me overall with its wonderfully jazzed-up melody and its all-around electrifying production! What else makes me happy inside the "Club Tropicana"? The dreamy and inspirational "Reach For The Stars" (felt like I was back on that Cloud 9 again like I was all the way through "Cloud Dancer") and the cheerful number, "Second Chance" (the majestic sound of those blaring horns, trumpets and accordions had me smiling even more than when I was listening to "Put A Smile On Your Face"), where the "Pop Idols" winner is confident that he'll be with the woman he sings about some time again. If there was a song that you could bask in the warmness of all day long, Track #8's "Forever" would be the one. Those hazy melodies have a way of making you feel like you're far away on some island paradise (and perhaps that was the idea in crafting this song together). But the soulicious voice of Medlock's that I loved the first time I heard him sing and continue to love as I listen to more of his music? It's beyond fantastic when his words become more intimate and earnest on the trio of slow gems that includes "Heart To Heart", "Forgive" and "Why Can't We Live Together?" (I had thought about the Sade song by the same title for a brief minute until I heard the contrasting lyrics). So whether you're celebrating good times, bad times, old times or new times, everybody will have the time of their life inside the "Club Tropicana":

1. Baby Blue
2. Mamacita [Album Mix]
3. Copacabana
4. Qué Será
5. Second Chance
6. Reach For The Stars
7. Put A Smile On Your Face
8. Forever
9. Heart To Heart
10. Wild Wild World
11. Forgive
12. Why Can't We Live Together?
13. Last Summer
14. Baby Blue [Calypso Mix]
15. Summer-Hit-Medley

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