Friday, October 10, 2014

Mark Medlock-Could Dancer (2008)


Now that I am all 'locked in' to Mark Medlock and flying high, I felt the need to fly to even high heights with the former "Pop Idols" contestant! So I rode the winds and soared through my Friday evening listening to his second album, "Cloud Dancer". Well, not soaring too fast; just enough to enjoy more that great voice of his (insert smiley face). And I must say, that ride through the winds sure felt like I was on Cloud 9! Always a pleasure when these albums kick off with a wonderful dance track—in this case, a retro dance track, as is the style in which the sunny "Summer Love" is performed. Yeah, this one totally deserves candidacy for your next 'Song of The Summer' with its breezy, downtempo groove and the happy lyrics (you can sure feel that love-in-the-warm-summer-air vibe all throughout). You gotta add this one to your playlist of favorites as I surely will! The retro vibe, in fact, is an ongoing element throughout this heavenly musical adventure, springing up on the hazy r&b number, "Heaven Is For Everyone", then later on with the energetic jams "She Walks Like An Angel" and "Can't Change Lovers" (shades of that 60's old-school pop sound a la THE SUPREMES come back into the light again), plus the lively tune "Stop It" (here, the girl he sings about actually makes like THE SUPREMES and stops in the name of love literally). It's a case of the old-fashioned harmonica blues on "Gimme A Chance" while the sound is sad and blue on one of the album's most beautiful gems: "If Your Heart Is Crying". 'I know somebody for real good love', is the line that completes the thought to the latter—that somebody being him, of course—and he sings those words like he truly means them. But there's even more gems afterwards—enough for the German star to open up his own jewelry shop if he wanted to. "Can I Hold You?" is one of those caressing love songs from the heart that you'd like to stay all wrapped up in all night long while "If I Could Fly" continues the "Cloud Dancer" theme, where he yearns and wishes for godspeed in order to be with the one he loves. And I can't get off my cloud without mentioning "Over You". Though the problem is not him stating that he wants to be over the girl; he just can't get over her. So the good love vibes are still in motion here, along with the good vibe that is the song's upbeat groove and that touch of electro-synthesizing that I like in pop music:

1. Summer Love
2. Heaven Is For Everyone
3. Over You
4. She Walks Like An Angel
5. Gimme A Chance
6. Stop it
7. If Your Heart Is Crying
8. Can I Hold You?
9. Can't Change Lovers
10. If I Could Fly
11. Every Heart Is Beating
12. If I Can't Have Your Love
13. Never Let You Go

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