Friday, October 10, 2014

Mark Medlock & Dieter Bohlen-Dreamcatcher (2007)


Don't worry, be happy: Those famous words of wisdom given by the legendary Bobby McFerrin in his memorable 1988 reggae hit are more than applicable when it comes to this next gem up for shares from my music collection! "Dreamcatcher" is a beautiful collaboration between Germany's Season 4 "Pop Idol" winner Mark Medlock and renowned German star Dieter Bohlen where practically every song here is positive, uplifting and, as stated in the opening sentence, makes you happy. Well, what makes me happy more than anything else is the amazingly stunning voice of the "Pop Idol" winner himself! Gosh, I realized it had been such a long time since I've had a chance to hear this man sing and had forgotten how GREAT he sounds, taking in the soulful, starry opener "Unbelievable". And yes, this song truly is unbelievable! Medlock's voice carries extremely well on captivating, romantic slow numbers like these; "Feels Like The First Time", "Moment Of My Life" and the grand performance "When You Close Your Eyes" are a trio of others that are on that same level. Though some of the happiest moments for me occur when the rhythm steps up a bit. The sunny reggae cut "Love Is Beautiful" puts some early bounce in the music, followed by the lovely groove "Fly With Me" (oooh, I could 'fly along' with this dreamy tune all day long, and the drum beats mixed in with the orchestral accompaniment is really something to appreciate on the instrumental side). Had lots of fun jamming to "Get Out Of My Bed", with its retro 60's pop vibe happening here (in fact, the rhythm is reminiscent of THE SUPREMES classic, "Baby Love"). Thought this would've been one of the few places where the lyrics would have some kind of negative emotion embedded in them—like 'get out of my bed; I'm through with you!'—but instead, the idea is for the woman to get out of the bed and into his life. And this caused me to think about another golden oldie with a similar notion: Billy Ocean's "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car". The words remain positive and inspirational on the r&b cut "I'm Still Here", the 'Bobby McFerrin song' (that's just my creative way of saying "Don't Worry", even though it's not a direct cover), the marvelous duet "Only Forever" (yeah, I can recognize Dieter Bohlen's thoraty, straining voice any day of the week) and the soul celebration that is "Sing Halleluja". That concluding cut, by the way, may be the only place on this album that didn't make me completely happy, as the lack of a good hard bass line prevents me from getting into the music (can I scream 'remix please'?). But Medlock and those soulicious church voices backing him up made me a believer out of this one anyway:

1. Unbelievable
2. Love Is Beautiful
3. Feels Like The First Time
4. Fly With Me
5. Moment Of My Life
6. Wonderful Girl
7. Get Out Of My Bed
8. I'm Still Here
9. Don't Worry
10. Only Forever
11. I Can't Forget This Night
12. My Dream Survive
13. When You Close Your Eyes
14. Part Time Lover
15. Sing Halleluja

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