Sunday, October 12, 2014

Martin Briley-One Night With A Stranger (1983)


Yeah, I'd say Martin Briley really has been a stranger to me.....for the most part. I can't even remember the day I first heard the English singer's memorable hit, "The Salt In My Tears", playing on the radio; I'm just glad that I even remembered him at all! And if it hadn't been for my determination to get the 'M' entries in my music library in order, who knows just how long it would have been before I rediscovered him and his second solo album, "One Night With A Stranger"—the only one of Martin's that I've ever had and ever heard. "The Salt In My Tears" was easily this album's biggest hit.....and a whopping thirty-one years, it's still a hit with me! A child of the 80's never stops loving that great high-tech rock sound from three decades ago. 'You ain't worth the salt in my years' is the brutally honest statement he says over and over in the lyrics (sounds like that woman is pretty pathetic) and serves as my favorite line in the whole song as well as on this album. I've seen in some places that "Put Your Hands On The Screen" was a big hit, too, except I didn't remember it being as such. It too has that great early 80's rock sound happening here with a hook that's just as catchy as this album's memorable opener. Doesn't take me long at all to get attached to "Maybe I've Waited Too Long". Again, it's the catchy hook that grabs hold of me and maintains hold of me–the way the pitch of the melody and the voices of the background singing gradually escalates in response to every line of the main chorus that Martin sings. Things really start to rock out on the dancey, fast-tempo cut "She's So Flexible" (and I don't think he's talking about contortion here). There's come cool effects going on with the distorted vocals here chanting 'wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa' (or something that sounds like that) in the main chorus that makes the music even more fun. And thinking more about the production, I'm curious to know what is being used to create that spunky, screeching instrumental midway through "I Wonder What She Thinks Of Me", which is another catchy love song that totally captures the simplicity of my favorite decade. It's not a guitar, not a trumpet and not a saxophone, so it leads me to believe somebody was doing something creative with those synthesizing devices inside the recording studio:

1. The Salt In My Tears
2. Just A Mile Away
3. Put Your Hands On The Screen
4. Maybe I've Waited Too Long
5. She's So Flexible
6. A Rainy Day In New York City
7. I Wonder What She Thinks Of Me
8. Dumb Love
9. One Night With A Stranger

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