Sunday, October 12, 2014

Martina McBride-The Way I Am (1993)


From a legendary music man who's been around the country block for a while to a lady who's fast-becoming become a country legend herself, I now present the lovely Martina McBride, just one of the many artists I've been listening to again while shuffling through the 'M' entries in my music library. And Martina would also be one of the many country artists crossing over into the popular music mainstream altogether, having had quite a few of her most popular hits streaming on the adult contemporary radio airwaves. One of those hits would include a favorite of mine: "Independence Day". 'Let freedom ring!', as she rejoices over and over in the lyrics. Yeah, it certainly is a day of liberation and celebration when you hear this one; at least it makes me feel like celebrating! I just like the whole story of the song, plus that right amount of upbeat rock that sounds great with her piercing country voice. The lady's got a lot of good stories to tell and fun things to say, in fact, here on her second album, "The Way I Am". I like that good ole down-to-earth country spirit Martina puts into "My Baby Loves Me" (well she sure is confident here talking about all the things her man does and is), "Goin' To Work" (rolling in the hay is fun, but a lady's still gotta make a living) and a tune that's really fun, "Life #9" (I love it when she purrs 'cattin' around' like the stray alley cat she's describing in the lyrics). Then there are those tunes with the sad country overtones that really get inside you. There's the slow number "She Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" and "Where I Used To Have A Heart", which is a stroke of lyrical artistry with all of those metaphors of a hole in her heart (I like the lines that go 'just as empty as a canyon out West' and 'hole inside that the doctor just can't stitch'). And then there's the cold-hearted "Ashes", where she strongly declares that romance with a man from her past life is dead and gone. Ashes in the grave—yeah, I'd say it's a pretty grisly way to conclude a gem of an album, but hey, that's just the way the music goes:

1. Heart Trouble
2. My Baby Loves Me
3. That Wasn't Me
4. Independence Day
5. Where I Used To Have A Heart
6. Goin' To Work
7. She Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
8. Life #9
9. Strangers
10. Ashes

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