Monday, October 20, 2014

Maxine Singleton-Don't You Love It (1982)


Yes I do—a love it a lot! That refers to the memorable 80's and all the music associated with it. It's always a pleasure hearing that early disco/funk sound, so here's a little treat from the lost vinyls collection that I treated myself to for a few minutes: Don't You Love It?", the first of two singles released by Maxine Singleton. I don't believe she ever went on to release any full albums, but "Don't You Love It?" is one jam that'll single-handedly make you wanna bust a move on the disco dance floor! Aside from the groovy beat, Ms. Singleton single-handedly puts a darling touch on the song herself with her sweet vocals, which are perfect match for the song's dreamy sound. That's why it's nice having both the 5+ minute vocal and the corresponding 5+ minute non-vocal format on this version:

1. Don't You Love It [Vocal]
2. Don't You Love It [Instrumental Version]

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