Monday, October 27, 2014

Meli'sa Morgan-Good Love (1987)


From one of the greatest voices in contemporary r&b back to one of the more forgotten voices in old-school r&b—the lady who stylistically spells her first name with an apostrophe returns to "The Music Spectrum" for the second time with her second album, "Good Love". Just as the New York-born singer cites soul queen Chaka Khan as her main influence, I cite Meli'sa's sultry cover of Prince's "Do Me Baby" as the primary influence for making me a Meli'sa Morgan fan. "Do Me Baby"—that killer slow jam continues to be my #1 favorite by her, even though it's not an original. And ever since I heard it years and years ago, I've kept on listening to her music off and on. So she gets my listening attention again while I'm still in the midst of my ongoing 'M' series. Turns out that was a great idea, as I'd forgotten all about some of these spunky uptempo cuts and a couple of quiet storm beauties that I'm now getting a lot of kicks out of! A playful romantic game of sorts opens everything up on "If You Can Do It, I Can Do It Too!", followed by the delightful mid-tempo number "Here Comes The Night" and the captivating "Just For Your Touch" (I like how she keeps singing the title lyrics in the main chorus over and over when the pitch changes in the song's final magical moments). The title track that follows the opening trio is another memorable favorite of mine, and it represents just about everything I love about soul/r&b from the 80's—simple love lyrics and an awesome beat with Meli'sa's awesome, soulicious vocals to boot! But it's the offering right after that really gets me in the old-school r&b groove: "Love Changes", a scintillating duet featuring fellow New York-born multi-talented r&b star Kashif. I absolutely adore the second and third pass of the main chorus when Meli'sa echoes the line 'love, will, make, you, oh so happy', one powerful word at a time! After a strong solo performance on "I'll Love No More" and another one of her spunky upbeat cuts, "I Still Think About You", the album concludes in grand fashion with the bluesy sentimental piece, "You're All I Got". It's song's like this that sometimes causes me to confuse Meli'sa with fellow old-school soul queens Regina Belle and Stephanie Mills. It's song's like this that deserve the jazzed-up instrumental melodies halfway in-between, courtesy of that sexy saxophone. It's song's like this that will forever leave me breathless and longing for the sounds of the good old 80's.....

1. If You Can Do It, I Can Too!
2. Here Comes The Night
3. Just For Your Touch
4. Good Love
5. Love Changes
6. Think It Over
7. I'll Love No More
8. I Still Think About You
9. You're All I Got

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