Thursday, October 16, 2014

Melissa Etheridge-Yes I Am (1993)


Yes, I am still shuffling through the 'M' entries in my music collection. And yes, I am a fan of the Kansas-born blues rocker Melissa Etheridge.....and of any other husky, throaty female singers who sound similar to her (Bonnie Tyler is the first who immediately jumps out at me). It had to have been sometime in the late 90's when I first heard Melissa on the radio, and you probably already know which song she was singing: "Come To My Window". This is one of those complete songs that you fall in love with after just one listen: great adult contemporary rock sound, great vocals from the soul and great lyrics. Emphasis on those lyrics, which is full of warmth and intimacy, knowing that the one you love is waiting for you when you return home. That's why it was a hit back then in 1993.....and why it continues to receive lots of playtime on the soft rock radio channels—still fresh off the presses after all these years. I've yet, however, to hear any of Melissa's other songs on the radio—maybe that can be attributed to my decreased radio-listening altogether in favor of CD's and such—so taking in everything else here on her "Yes I Am" album is the perfect way to make up for that lost time. That bluesy rock sound that I like so much with these singers in the adult contemporary genre of the 90's can be heard on the title track and the opener, "I'm The Only One", but everywhere else, that great rock sound and Melissa's husky vocals lead the way in stunning fashion. Oh, and that terrific songwriting, too. The words she has to say on "If I Wanted To" are golden—like a direct opposite of "Come To My Window", saying she could depart from the relationship right now and be out of her lover's life. And my, is she preaching a mighty message on "Silent Legacy", which I cite as one of her strongest vocal performances. Still kinda foggy on everything she's talking about here, but I like the half spoken word, half singing style in which she presents it. "All American Girl" is all right with me; here the Kansas-born rocker really shows off that soaring voice of hers against a high-powered rockin' sound! And as I keep mentioning time and time again, every song about angels is a beauty, and that is definitely the case with the concluding piece, "Talking To My Angel". I just adore the atmospheric ambiance that breathes through the music on this one! At the end of the day, though, "Come To My Window" is the one that cherish the most deeply, and if I ride around with it long enough, it just may be me who won't be home soon:

1. I'm The Only One
2. If I Wanted To
3. Come To My Window
4. Silent Legacy
5. I Will Never Be The Same
6. All American Girl
7. Yes I Am
8. Resist
9. Ruins
10. Talking To My Angel

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