Friday, October 24, 2014

Michael Teschl-Movin' On (1998)


Moving further along in my 'M' series..... I've finally made time in these past few days to enjoy something that was shared with me a while ago and kept on the proverbial backburner ever since. And yes, you can drop this one in your pre-Halloween goodie bag, too, because this one is all treats and no tricks! The Danish pop singer Michael Teschl (I believe that last name is pronounced as 'TESH-ull') is another in the seemingly endless sea of artists whom I've been newly introduced to during this 2014 year, and after listening to his second album, "Movin' On", for what feels like the third time already, Teschl and his tunes just may have become my latest pop music addiction! What's so addicting about them? For starters, the production. It's like, as soon as I heard the beginning to every song, I'm already lovin' it! The opening jam called "Insensitivity", for example, has this great funky dance/pop beat that reminds me of Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative". Not so great are Teschl's feelings expressed in the song, however, as that classic 'how-can-you-hurt-me-like-that' theme looms large within the lyrics. Next, it's that groovy, old-school r&b swing that attracted me to "Left To The Right". Usually in these songs, it's the girl being that seductive potion that's getting the guy all messed up in the head and going crazy, but instead, it's a bit of role reversal with the Danish singer himself being the one messing up the girl's head and causing her to get her steps to the left mixed up with her steps to the right, as the title implies. Though Teschl gets his turn to be messed up anyways later on "Is This Love?". ULTRA groovy—that summarizes the beat and the rhythm here in two short words! The same two words could be used for the album's superb title track, which has a bit of that disco retro-styling going on. Once you've gotten your kicks out of all of those jams—no less than four of these were added to my playlist of favorites!—prepare to be energized and mesmerized when Teschl rocks the house on the surprise high-powered Eurodance thrillers "Let's Get Serious" (love the way the backup crowd shouts 'S-E-R-I-O-U-S', which adds some fun zing to a fun love song) and the sunny "The Real Thing". That other addicting aspect, Teschl's vocals, comes into play more so on the album's slow-tempo moments, such as the somewhat bluesy finger-snapper "The Only Thing I Ever Wanted" (I like when he makes his voice get high during some parts of the verses) and the dreamy gem, "That's Why I Love You". But really, listening to the Danish singer is a joy all throughout this album, a sure sign of an artist who's making all the right moves:

1. Insensitivity
2. Left To The Right
3. The Only Thing I Ever Wanted
4. No More Maybees
5. Let's Get Serious
6. Crazy April
7. Is This Love?
8. The Real Thing
9. That's Why I Love You
10. Never Let You Go
11. Moving On
12. Forever With You

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