Monday, October 6, 2014

MIND-Is That The Way (1992)


Would you mind if I offered up something else from my new jack swing library? Of course not, because you know if it's coming from yours truly, then it must be something good! Another fine talent that probably got buried beneath the more celebrated new jack swing acts of the early 90's is the duo that called itself MIND. And I didn't mind that I almost listened to their debut album twice the very first day I became acquainted with their music, because the new jack swing beats here are slammin' good! You get a lot of bang for your buck, considering that many of the cuts last five minutes or longer, including the 6+ minute opener, "Only Man", and the title track itself, of which I eventually had to find the 12-inch remix to extend the music for my own purposes. Again, it's just not the beats that I love about these kinds of albums, but the simple love lyrics and the catchy hooks, which is the main thing that kept me listening to jams like "Right Girl" (he doesn't care if she's black or white or any other color; he just wants the one that's right for him) and "Pop That Thang" (not sure if it's an upbeat remake of the ISLEY BROTHERS classic, but both songs lyrically seem to share the same idea). "Is That They Way?" and "Pop That Thang", by the way, sound nearly identical to each other production-wise, leading me originally to think that one track was the other and the other wasn't even on the album altogether. That can happen when one's mind is too focused on the beat and the rhythm and not on the actual words being sung (insert smiley face). But when the beats slow down is when the duo turns on the real charm and set the mind at ease, starting with the seductive groove "Touchin' You" and the 7+ minute beauty "Seasonal Lover", where the songwriter basically says that he'll be the girl's man for all seasons (I like that high voice that's put on display during the final movements). So make up your mind now and get into this fresh 1992 throwback, and hear some of the memorable sounds from my childhood that have been on my mind lately:

1. Only Man
2. Touchin' You
3. Meet Me Halfway
4. Is That The Way?
5. Right Or Wrong
6. Right Girl
7. Seasonal Lover
8. Give It Up
9. Love Song
10. Exception To The Rule
11. Pop That Thang
12. Take Your Time

*****BONUS TRACK*****

13. Is That The Way? [12'' Remix]

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