Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ML PROJECT feat. D.Mand-Beautiful To Me '06 (2006)


Music is such a beautiful thing to me, and one of the more beautiful things from my trance collection is "Beautiful To Me", the 2006 single released by the German production team that calls itself ML PROJECT. Hard, thumping bass, pulsating rhythms and the monotonic words spoken by the guest male vocalist (I assume it's this D.Mand guy?) are beautiful? Depends how you look at it....er.....listen to it. By itself, the music may seem like nothing but electronic noise., and that's what you'll get on the 'D Mand' remixes. But when you add in the lovely keyboard melody and atmospheric ambiance that breathe beneath the beat on the 'Mario Lopez' mixes, that's when the song comes alive and becomes the beautiful 'dream dance' that trance fanatics will adore. And combined with those same monotonic spoken vocals, the music transforms into that of the seductive, chill-out variety. It's no wonder why it can be found on the forty-second volume of the "Dream Dance" compilation series. Then the 7+ minute 'Gekko Remix' takes everything that's great about the 'Mario Lopez' mixes and gives it an extra-electrifying charge, so I must say that I favor that one over the previous four on this single. As for the 'Derb Remix', the heavier-pulsating rhythm and emphasis on the synthesizing retain shades of the 'D Mand' mixes. It probably takes the 'dream' out of the 'dance', but you still gotta appreciate listening to the production artistry at work:

1. Beautiful To Me '06 [Mario Lopez Radio Cut]
2. Beautiful To Me '06 [D Mand Radio Cut]
3. Beautiful To Me '06 [Mario Lopez Remix]
4. Beautiful To Me '06 [D Mand Remix]
5. Beautiful To Me '06 [Gekko Remix]
6. Beautiful To Me '06 [Derb Remix]

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