Thursday, October 30, 2014

Moses-Our Revolution/We Just (1985)


Okay, one more entry for the 'M' least for now. And I say that because I'm only still halfway through updating that part of the alphabet in my music library, so there's likely to be more goodies from the 'M' series to come in the very near future. Among the forgotten gems in my Italo-disco collection is "Our Revolution/We Just", the two-track single by producer Jerry Cutillo, a.k.a. Moses, released way back in 1985. Sometimes, the best music has hardy any lyrics at all, and that's exactly the case with the extremely catchy B-track, where the simple words 'we just' and some cool, electronically-distorted vocals are echoed over and over while a dreamy melody, a terrific arrangement of horns and a dancey Italo-disco beat loops all throughout. The moment I sampled this song on an old compilation a while back, I knew I had to have it! Included it on an old playlist of favorites, and while it's a perfect addition to any dance collection, I'd say it also a great fit for any electronic/ambient playlists as well. There's a gazillion versions of "We Just" floating around, with the version on this particular single being the 6+ minute 'New Mix' and me adding the 4+ minute 12" version as a bonus treat. But something that I hadn't realized until I got this single many years later was that "We Just" is basically just a reprise of the 9+ minute long A-side track, "Our Revolution", as the exact same dreamy melody, horn arrangement and echoed looping of the lyrics 'we just' can be heard all throughout! The only difference is that "Our Revolution" contains actual lyrics, sung by a male vocalist whose identity remains a mystery to me (I don't believe it's Moses himself). Whether it's the full version or the shortened version, I just love this single, and you should just listen to it and do yourself some music justice:

1. Our Revolution (New Mix)
2. We Just (New Mix)

*****BONUS TRACK*****

3. We Just (12'' Version)

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