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I may have completely missed out on putting up the Halloween decorations in time for the spookiest holiday of the year, but I wasn't going to miss out on sharing my annual selection of spooky tunes. Soon the day after October 31st, I bring you "Chiller 3", the third in the ongoing series of Halloween-themed compilations by the digital music company called Chill Mega Chill Records, a trademark household name featured on the Bandcamp independent music site. If you've listened to the two previous installments of the series, you'll expect that "Chiller 3" features the same assortment of pop, rock and instrumental tunes geared to get you into that chilled Halloween mood. And as usual, the songs are performed by some of the quirkiest-named artists you'll ever see. The synthpop lovers will surely get kicks out of Skeleton Lipstick's "The Chilling" (the music is chilling, but in a soothing, relaxing sense.....except for that bit of horrific, maniacal laughter) and Crown Plaza's "Banshee" (the monotonic, emotionless voice of the guy singing the lyrics is very DEPECHE MODE-esque). The rock lovers will enjoy the alternative "Mrs. Gulch" by The Amphibious Man (and I imagine the cartoon lovers as well, since the nostalgic beginning intro to the memorable classic "Scooby Doo", where those bats are shrieking and flying out of the old house before that old theme song starts to play, can be heard in this song's intro), the noisy "What's Better Than Halloween?" by the Teepee Girls and Softspot's cover of Alice Cooper's "I Love The Dead" (never heard the original before hearing this cover version, and the lady's quivering voice that delivers the lyrics is rather scary, actually). Then if you're a fan of the ambient instrumentals like I am, you'll be chilled to the bone with Dyed Hands' "Please Kill Me" (is it me, or does this one sound like a slower-tempo version of that creepy "Friday The 13th" 8-bit Nintendo game music when your chosen character is playing on the outdoor map?), Visiting Houses' "And Then I Laughed", the 'changing radio stations' selection by the artist named Lee entitled "Big" (so-called, because it sounds like the tuning dial on a radio is being rotated constantly throughout the whole song, yet it turns out to be a pretty cool mix), Steffaloo's "You're Not There" (one of my favorites on this compilation; the delicate voice of the woman and those vibrating pulses totally get me chilled) and Orca Life's "11:08am" (the discordant mixture of uneven stringed arrangements makes this one delightfully unsettling on the ears). Though I wouldn't declare my #1 favorite treat of all until I got to Corduroi's "Goreduroi". Note the stylized spellings of 'corduroy', then then keeping with the Halloween theme in using the word 'gore' to create 'gorduroi' and changing 'remix' into 'cremix', which is surely the words 'creepy' and 'remix' mixed together. A trancey tune that consists of a groovy downtempo beat with a chilling piano melody, suspenseful drones, eerie whining and occasional dialogue by a demonic-voiced man scattered throughout means you've got something frightening cool to jam to. Then after all of these chills and spills, you might want to keep the lights on while you listen to the 9-minute-long spoken word ghost story entitled "The Nest: A Series Of Peculiar Events". It's told by a man in an interview format set in contemporary times, recounting the haunting of a woman named Lauren and a creepy stalker named Charles who's been living in her upstairs attic and—well, I won't spoil the story for you here, so you'll just have to listen to it in its full entirety and see why it left me with a few goosebumps afterwards.....

1. Skeleton Lipstick - The Chilling
2. Dyed Hands - Please Kill Me
3. The Amphibious Man - Mrs. Gulch
4. Teepee Girls - What's Better Than Halloween?
5. Children Of Pop - Computer Fugue In C Minor
6. SoftSpot - I Love the Dead [Alice Cooper cover]
7. Morrison Brook - Worms
8. Crown Plaza - Banshee
9. Stupid Future - Makepeace Macana
10. B.E. Godfrey - God Is On My Side
11. Lee - Big
12. Visiting Houses - And Then I Laughed
13. Steffaloo - You're Not There [feat. Stumbleine]
14. Orca Life - 11:08am
15. Corduroi - Goreduroi [Phantasm Cremix]
16. The Nest: A Series Of Peculiar Events

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